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Supporting teams and cooperating with clubs is extremely important to us. We know first-hand how valuable a club’s work is. For this reason, we grant clubs and teams a 25% discount off the current catalogue price for uniform team apparel. In return, we expect a large number of club members to be outfitted with Skinfit. The items that fall under the team agreement, as well as all other details, will be recorded in a written agreement.


The colour and articles of the team apparel must be uniform and the order must always be placed by the club, not by an individual. Functional underwear and accessories may not be included in the team agreement. However, when the club/team places its first order, the members will have the possibility of ordering at their own expense, and at a 15% discount, any other items in the Skinfit apparel system.


Due to our lean sales process with no distributors, Skinfit is able to offer an optimum price/performance ratio. Furthermore, we guarantee the possibility of delivering the team apparel at a later stage, for a period including at least 2 additional seasons, which continues to save the club money. We enjoy working with teams and clubs of any size.


Of course individual members can also profit from our regular special conditions (group orders) in addition to the club apparel.


If we have succeeded in convincing you of the advantages of a partnership with Skinfit, or if you have any questions, please contact us at:


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