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Exceptional adventures in nature and intensive body awareness inspire us when creating the perfect functional clothing. Our products must meet the requirements of the most diverse sports and at the same time be usable across disciplines – SIMPLY MULTISPORT.

Uncompromising function with a beautiful design – this is our priority. Nothing should stand in the way of the joy of movement – this is our credo. In order to reach this goal, our products are made of extremely high quality, quick-drying, light and skin-friendly materials. In addition to the quality of the material and its processing, we place great importance in the ergonomics of the cut.

The design of our extensive clothing line is beautiful and timeless at the same time, and creates the possibility of various combinations for years to come.

Based on feedback received from our customers, we are constantly improving our existing products. We work closely with top athletes when developing new innovative products. Newly developed items are tested and improved again and again under extreme conditions until they meet our high standards. Nevertheless, the opinion of our employees and of amateur athletes is also important to us. Hence, they are also taken into account during product development.

Sports and outdoor activities are our passion – our products are the result!

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