Merry Christmas!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

New catalogue Autumn & Winter 2014

We are happy to present the new catalogue Autumn & Winter 2014 - check out our new products!

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Ironman Hawaii World Championships

Congratulations to all skinfit® athletes and our employee Trevor Glavin from Skinfit USA!

Julia Gajer – ranked 6th
Simone Brändli – ranked 13th

Marko Albert – ranked 19th
Boris Stein – ranked 20th

Skinfit Corner at Sparkasse-Marathon der 3 Länder am Bodensee, 5.10.2014

11.00 - 14.00 Uhr • Unterer Achdamm 2 • 6971 Hard • beim Café Waldheim

Metting Point for visitors, family and friends. We are looking forward to your visits!

• DJ
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• Mohrenbrauerei beer tasting

Skinfit Rookie Days from August 19th - 20th in Koblach AT

We are looking forward to the Skinfit Rookie Days. Our Skinfit Racing Tri Team organizes a triathlon camp for youngsters.

For questions please write an e-mail to:

Company outing, July 15th 2014

Skinfit International GmbH is closed on Tuesday July 15th due to our company outing.

We will be back in the office on Wednesday July 16th.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ironman Austria and skinfit® Limited Edition Shirt

See you @ Ironman Austria in Klagenfurt! We are looking forward to your visits at the Skinfit booth.

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strong skinfit® athletes

  • Kathrin Müller (Skinfit Racing Tri Team) European Champion Crosstriathlon
  • Boris Stein wins IM 70.3 in Rapperswil
  • Yvonne van Vlerken wins Triathlon Ingolstadt mid-distance, Per Bittner 2nd and Florian Seifert 3rd
  • Christian Brader is ranked 2nd in Ingolstadt -  sprint distance
  • Dominik Berger is ranked 2nd @ Ironmännli and Leon Pauger is ranked 17th (No. 1 Youth)
  • Philip Pertl is ranked 4th @ Trimotion

Congratulations to everyone - we are very proud!

Win a slot for IM Austria 2014 in Klagenfurt

Be the first to answer the following question and win an IM Austria 2014 slot.

Name the 6 skinfit® athletes who have won an IM or 70.3 in 2014.

Send your answer to until June 6th

What a weekend!

skinfit® athletes successes:

IM Lanzarote:

1. Lucy Gossage
2. Susan Blatt
4. Kristin Moeller

3. Bert Jammaer
6. Christian Brader

IM Texas:

2. Julia Gajer

IM 70.3 Aix en Provence:

1. Bertrand Billard
5. Boris Stein


©photo: Ingo Kutsche

New season - success for skinfit® ahtletes

Andi Dreitz wins IM 70.3 Mallorca. Second race - second win.

Daniela Sämmler is ranked 3rd at Challenge Rimini.


photo: Sebastian Kuhn

Drei Zinnen Alpine Run Collection

We are looking forward to the "Drei Zinnen Alpine Run" on September 13.

Check out our "Drei Zinnen Alpine Run Collection"

new catalog

We are very proud to present you our new catalog.

Request your own catalog here.

lottery solution

Grab the chance to win a new skinfit® product!


Question: Which new line of products are we going to launch at the end of March?


Guess the correct answer and send it to

First correct answer wins!



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success in the beginning of 2014


Skinfit athlete Simone Brändli is ranked 3rd at IM 70.3 South Afrika. Congrats!

Dirty Race 2014: Skinfit Racing Tri Team athlete Kathrin Müller wins her second race in 2014. Male winner is Felix Schumann – EJOT Team TV Buschhütten.

Great results for Skinfit Racing Teams

Winter triathlon Faistenau: Kathrin Müller 1st (Skinfit Racing Team)


Mountainattack: Daniel Zugg 1st, Patrick Innerhofer 10th (both Skinfit Racing Skimo Team)


Skinfit Guntenlauf: Alex Hug 1st (Skinfit Racing Skimo Team), Andrea Hollenstein 2nd female (Skinfit employee)

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