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If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, you can refer to our complaints department. But please observe the following important points with regard to our care instructions (the complete list of care instructions can be found here):


The softer and more comfortable a fabric, the less wear-resistant it usually is. Thus, we recommend that you yvoid any friction with belts, straps and rough materials like Velcro, etc. A certain degree of pilling is unavoidable in some garments, however this does not impact on their function.


Hand Wash
Every time you wash your garment, the fabric is subject to mechanical stress. Therefore, turn the garment inside out before washing to protect the fabric‘s surface as well as any prints or reflectors. Do not leave your sports garments lying around when wet, as colors may start to bleed. Always dry your Skinfit clothing completely (especially after sweating). Please do not wash any of our products by hand. The low amount of water used can easily result in the colour bleeding. Please pay attention to the instructions on the care label of the respective item of clothing and only wash with items of the same or a similar colour. Special care should be taken with white textiles. We recommend washing these items individually, making sure that the previous load was not a colour wash. In addition, the washing temperature instructions indicated on the label must be followed. When in doubt, please wash the items at 30° C since the washing machine adjustments often do not coincide with the specified temperature. Because the water hardness, detergent and washing machine adjustments all have an influence on bleeding, discolouration can rarely be influenced on our side.


Lycra oder Elasthan
sind elastische Garne, die im Stoff verarbeitet sind, um die Dehnbarkeit des Stoffes zu verbessern. Speziell Chlor, Schweiß oder Cremen schaden diesen Lycrafäden. Mit einer entsprechenden Pflege verlängern Sie aber deren Lebensdauer. Spülen Sie deshalb die Artikel sofort nach Verwendung im Chlorwasser oder nach dem Sport mit klarem Wasser aus.


Having satisfied customers is one of our greatest concerns. We examine every complaint in detail, even if the problem is not within our control. We ask you to understand that such cases are generally not covered by our warranty. Nevertheless, we do our best to find a satisfactory solution for every customer.


To register a complaint, please send us the item (making sure it has been washed first) together with the completed service form. Please be aware that returned goods which have been sent without the proper postage will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer.


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