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The skinfit® year-round clothing system for multi-discipline athletes

If you have a passion for sport, you’ll know the problem all too well: ever-changing weather conditions, intense exertion followed by recovery, different types of terrain and sometimes even completely different sports in quick succession. How can you possibly find the right clothing for every part of your training?
Our modular skinfit® system is the perfect solution. With the right combination of items from the skinfit® collection, you can maintain your ideal body temperature and manage its climate — a must for ensuring you feel and perform at your best every time. Our products provide the perfect foundation to help you make the most of your athletic abilities: whether by layering them on top of one another, or by wearing them as standalone pieces.

The majority of our skinfit® products can also be used for different types of sport, making them practical, cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. Our ongoing mission is not only to develop ultra-functional sportswear, but also to offer a complete clothing concept that will provide the functionality and comfort you need, all year round.

Our clothing system

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