5 layers for the perfect feel-good combination

What is actually the meaning of the often heard "onion principle"? And which layers do you need for the perfect layer system? The basic principles of the skinfit® clothing system are based on Modulario - 5 modules, which can be combined to 100% and used all year round in a variety of ways.

The main goal of a perfect layer system is to keep your body temperature always within the ideal performance range: at 37°C the body is most efficient. Too much cold or heat decreases performance as the body has to expend extra energy to regulate body temperature. This means that the layers will of course look different during a hike in summer than on a ski tour in winter - but they can all be assembled from the 5 skinfit® Modulario modules:

When hiking in summer, for example, you can wear a cooling KLIMA shirt and a breathable AERO shirt over it. Breathable and windproof VENTO shorts protect the legs and for the descent you wear a windproof VENTO jacket. During the ski tour you will also choose a KLIMA shirt as your first layer. Then you go for a insulating CALDO layer and a SCUDO layer, which protects against moisture and weather. This protective layer can also be used in the summer as a rain cover, just as you could wear the AERO shirt and the VENTO jacket for the ski tour as well.

The skinfit® Modulario products not only fulfill one purpose - in combination with other Modulario products, one and the same product can perform very different functions. The layers are combined in such a way that the body's own processes are supported and the athlete feels comfortable in every situation. This means that if you own a product from every skinfit® Modulario module, you are perfectly equipped for an incredible number of sports and conditions throughout the year.