Sport clothing exchange 2021

Swap old for new

Hand on heart, how many pieces of your sportswear do you really wear regularly? And how many could you easily do without? Our wardrobes are often full of many different items that we no longer wear because they are either old or worn out, they no longer fit or we simply have too much choice and always reach for the same ones. Yet there are so many people who can not only be helped but also made happy by donating clothes.


With the Skinfit Sport Clothes Exchange 2021, you now have the opportunity to bring your old sportswear (regardless of brand) to your local Skinfit Shop and exchange it for a new comparable Skinfit product for -25% off. Not only are you doing something good for those people who simply cannot afford sportswear, but you are also investing in products that stand for their high quality and durability. Thanks to the Skinfit Modulario system, you can also be sure that your new sportswear will be ideal for all endurance sports in all seasons for several years to come. Join us now and get your sportswear that won't get dusty in your wardrobe! 

Here's how it works:

  • come to your local Skinfit Shop from 1 - 31 August 2021
  • bring your old sportswear (no matter what brand) as a donation
  • get -25% discount on your new comparable Skinfit product

Where is the nearest Skinfit Shop?

Any questions?

What is behind the "Sport Clothing Exchange"?

Sport is our passion and our products are the result of extensive testing and tinkering. Each of our products is thought through from start to finish and made from only the best functional materials. Because every customer should be able to use their Skinfit product for as long as possible and thus get their personal maximum out of it for as long as possible. Performance is our priority. Seasonal trends or compromises in quality are out of the question for us. However, as this is not a matter of course everywhere and many items of clothing simply gather dust in wardrobes, we would like to take the initiative and offer the opportunity to exchange these fast-moving items for highly functional Skinfit articles.


WIN-WIN! By taking part in the Skinfit Sport Clothing Exchange, you're not only doing something good for those in need of donations and help, but you're also taking a step further against fast fashion and investing in durable functional clothing that's guaranteed to get you through a multitude of unforgettable sports sessions. Tip: Let our shop staff advise you on the selection of your new product - this way you can be sure that you get exactly the right product for you.


What happens to the donated clothes?

All donated items are checked by us, processed if necessary and then donated to the following organisations:

Would you like to help even more?
Then visit the websites of the respective organisations - there you will find all the possibilities of how you can support them further.

Does Skinfit earn anything from this action?

All donated items are passed on 1:1 to the charitable organisations to be worn by the people in their care. We do not support any used clothing wholesalers or similar organisations that make a profit from clothing donations. Skinfit does not receive anything in return for the donations.


Why does this action only take place for one month?

The time limit is due to the organisational effort required for such a campaign. As an SME, we only have limited resources to carry out the campaign. However, we firmly believe that we can make a considerable contribution in just one month.


What can I donate?

In general, you can donate any sportswear* - regardless of brand - and receive a -25% discount on a comparable Skinfit product. However, the items must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be washed.
  • They must not have any major defects such as holes, tears, heavy stains or similar.
  • They must still be in good working order (e.g. rain jackets).


* Underwear and swimwear are excluded from the campaign for hygienic reasons.


What is a comparable product?

If you donate a sportswear item as part of the Sport Clothing Exchange campaign, you will receive a -25% discount on a comparable Skinfit product. Comparable means that the two products are in the same category - for example, T-shirt for T-shirt, hiking pants for hiking pants, windbreaker for windbreaker, backpack for backpack, children's shirt for children's shirt, etc., but not T-shirt for rain jacket. Please also note that we only have functional clothing in our collection and can therefore only exchange functional clothing.


You can roughly orientate yourself on the following categories:

  • functional underwear tops
  • functional underwear pants
  • short-sleeved shirts with or without chest zips and singlets
  • long-sleeved shirts with or without chest zips
  • mid layer jackets
  • windbreakers
  • rain jackets
  • waistcoats
  • shorts and 3/4 shorts
  • pants and tights
  • rainproof trousers and tights
  • one-piece suits
  • skirts & dresses
  • backpacks & bags
  • accessories


Are only Skinfit clothes accepted?

No - sportswear from other brands can also be donated. The important thing is that the products are comparable and that they can still be worn.


Can I also bring broken clothing?

No - as the items are donated, it is important that they are still wearable. Signs of wear or small defects are not a problem with most products, but this must be checked individually in each case.


How many clothes can I bring?

You can donate as many items as you like. You will receive a -25% discount on every comparable Skinfit product you buy in the Skinfit Shop.


Can I add up the discount?

No - discounts cannot be added up. This means that if you bring in two items but only buy one new item, the discount is still 25% and not 50%. Also the other way round you can't bring one item and buy two for -25% discount. Furthermore, this campaign cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.


Does this promotion also apply in the webshop?

No - because you have to bring a product to participate in the exchange, this promotion is only valid in Skinfit Shops. You can find all shops here.



Your clothing donation goes to

The SOS Kinderdorf is a non-profit organisation that provides children with a loving home in dignity and warmth, supports them and their families in difficult life situations and seeks ways out of crises together with them.

Under the motto "We change the world for the better", Crossing Borders seeks to make a sustainable contribution to improving educational opportunities for children in disadvantaged regions of the world.

Gemeinsam helfen was founded to stand up for sustainability in addition to sending aid and money. The organisation is involved in all possible ways to support many regions in Eastern Europe.