Sport in everyday life

Our passion for sport is a constant demand for movement and activity. It is a powerful engine that constantly drives us to promote our physical and mental health. But how can we integrate this passion into our often hectic daily lives?

19 octobre 2023

How to integrate sport into your everyday life

The key is to make a conscious decision to make sport an integral part of our lives. It starts with prioritising time for physical activity, be it in the form of a morning run, a weekend bike ride or a relaxing yoga session before bed. But there are also plenty of opportunities directly in everyday life: Taking the stairs instead of the lift, an evening walk in the fresh air or a short workout during your lunch break.

Ultimately, it's about seeing sport as an integral part of our lives and embracing it with joy and enthusiasm. The passion for movement can be integrated into everyday life in many ways and enriches our lives with health, energy and a positive outlook on life.


Do you also want to integrate sport more into your everyday life?

Step by step, bring more movement into your everyday life and make sport a natural part of your lifestyle. Remember that every small step counts and can have a positive impact on your health and well-being in the long term.

16 tips for more sport in everyday life

Set clear goals

Define what kind of physical activity you want to incorporate into your daily routine. Think about whether you want to increase your endurance, build muscle or simply be more active.

Priorise time

Consciously schedule time for sport. Block out time in your calendar for your sporting activities and treat them as seriously as professional appointments.

Use the early morning or late evening

Consider mornings or evenings as ideal times for exercise, when everyday life is not yet or not as hectic.

Find joy

Choose activities that you enjoy. If you enjoy an activity, you will be more motivated to do it regularly.

Small steps

Start with small, realistic steps. You can start with short walks and then slowly increase.

Active breaks

Use your breaks for short bursts of exercise. Set alarms to stretch, get up and move every few hours.


Combine exercise with other activities. For example, listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you jog or do yoga exercises while you wait for the laundry.

Social Fitness

Exercise with friends or family. Doing activities together can be motivating and provide social interaction at the same time.

Workout partner

Find a workout partner or join fitness groups. Together you can motivate each other.

Everyday activities

Incorporate more exercise into your daily routines, for example by cycling to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or taking short walks during your lunch break.

Home Workouts

Create a collection of short, effective home workouts. These require no special equipment and can be flexibly incorporated into the day.

Planning & Organisation

Prepare your gym clothes and equipment the night before to avoid wasting time in the morning.


Try to make exercise a habit. The more often you incorporate it into your daily routine, the more natural it will become.


Reward yourself for your sporting achievements - whether it's with a relaxing bath, a delicious meal or a new piece of sportswear.

Breaks & rest

Make sure you give your body enough rest and recovery to avoid injury and overuse.

Track your progress

Keep a record of your activities and progress. A training journal can help you stay motivated.

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