How to care for down jackets correctly?

Down jackets are particularly pleasant companions in the cold season. With their excellent insulation values, they keep us warm even in icy temperatures. But to maintain the full performance and durability of a down jacket, proper care is essential - because down is particularly sensitive. Here you can find out how to care for a down jacket properly and get practical tips on how to extend the life of your down jacket.

19 octobre 2023

Our goal is your best Performance.

To guarantee this, we only use the highest quality materials. The CALDO Adamello Jackets are lined with real duck down, which is certified according to the high standards of the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). With the right care, it's extremely durable and will keep you warm on many of your adventures.

What is down and why does it warm so well?

Down consists of numerous small, branched fibres that can trap a lot of air. Air is an excellent insulator because it stores heat effectively. The countless small air pockets in down therefore provide a uniquely high insulation capacity at an extremely low weight. The warmth-to-weight ratio of down is unrivalled to this day.


Why does down need special care?

Down is particularly sensitive due to its natural composition. They are particularly affected by moisture and wetness, because when down gets wet it can easily stick together, severely limiting its insulating properties. But heat or aggressive chemical cleaning agents can also damage the fine down structures. Therefore, all down products require special care to ensure their optimal performance and, above all, their durability in the long term.


How to care for your down jacket properly:

Keep your down jacket dry

Shake up your down jacket regularly

Follow the care label

Treat minor stains immediately

Machine wash your down jacket at a low temperature

Use a down detergent

Do not use fabric softener or other chemical substances

Tumble dry your down jacket at a low temperature

Check your down jacket after drying

Do not iron your down jacket under any circumstances

Store your down jacket properly

Don't postpone repairs

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Technical data of the CALDO Adamello Jackets:

  • lining made from RDS-certified duck down
  • 93% duck down / 7% duck feather
  • bulking power 750 cuin
  • optimised down chamber system
  • lightweight and windproof outer material
  • high, lined collar
  • wide, lined zip underlay
  • 2-way zip on ladies' model
  • 2 pockets with zip on the outside
  • cosy fleece on the inside of the outer pockets
  • 2 large inside pockets
  • ergonomic cut

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Alternative to down?

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