The new skinfit® catalogue - come with us on a journey of discovery

You have to feel skinfit® for yourself to really grasp it. It’s the only way to get a feeling for just how much passion we put in. The feel plays a deciding role - in our products as well as the catalogue. The continuous development of our products is a matter of course. And the time has come to give our catalogue a facelift. Just like with our products, function took the lead. We wanted to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Read for yourself what has changed:

Simply multisport – 365 days a year

We exercise 365 days a year, so we decided to create a catalogue that covers the whole year round. A comprehensive, year-round reference to inspire and help you find the right outfit for you. This catalogue is a year-round catalogue. There will also be a lookbook in spring, where we’ll present the brand new spring & summer collection.


Always on hand – so you always have a clear overview.

A comprehensive legend will help you to better understand the new graphics, features and everything else that’s changed. Fold out the extended page so you can easily see what stands for what as you leaf through the new skinfit® catalogue.

Highlights. Bestsellers. Classics.

All of the products in our range have been included in our new skinfit® catalogue. The most outstanding pieces and must-haves that we’d love you to love have been highlighted. Find all the information of your favorite product or something you´ve got your eye in our Webshop.

skinfit® Modulario – the heart of our skinfit® collection.

Still not heard of skinfit® Modulario? Or which products are part of it? Find out on the next page. Find out why a body temperature of 37° is so important and what skinfit® Modulario can do. This lets you enjoy all the benefits that skinfit® Modulario has to offer. Explore all skinfit® Modulario products  now!

Emotion & information in one - to make your choice easier.

New names, new product texts and new features that describe the first-class functions of our products, as well as graphic elements, have all been combined in clear product profiles. This new format helps you find the information you want more quickly and gives you the chance to compare products so you can choose the right outfit for you even more easily.

Ready, set, go!

Come on an adventure of discovery, get inspired and dive head first into the world of skinfit®!

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Combinability, versatility and use all year round.