Spring is the season where we can feel change the most. The grey of winter has subsided and we yearn for sun, colour and outdoor adventures far from our daily lives. We were inspired by the wholesome feel of spring awakening, and have devoted the upcoming months - April to June - to wellbeing.

Wholesome isn’t just the slogan for our new campaign, rather a term for women with individual needs and interests. While some focus on stamina, strength and endurance as they train, others let themselves be swept away from the breathtaking mountain landscape around them. As different as each woman is, they all have one thing in common: finding joy in movement and a passion for sport.

Is there anything better than switching off your computer and spending your evening moving? For our staff, there definitely isn’t.
‘Exercising makes me feel really good when I clear my head,’says Nina Battisti from our product development department. After a long day at work, sport is her outlet to find peace, recharge her batteries and - not least - come up with ideas for new product developments. Our customs expert Susanna sees things in a similar way: ‘sport makes me feel really good when I feel my body and can just sweat out the stress of everyday life.’

For us, Wholesome is quite an on-trend answer to a balanced lifestyle and offers a good opportunity to trigger something new.


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Why don’t you get WHOLESOME too? Join us and the right functional clothing in the wholesome challenge. The challenge is whatever brings more wholesome into your everyday life and your training routine. The challenge can be as big or as small as you like - the most important thing is that you enjoy it!

Use the hashtag #wohlfühlerin on Instagram to tell us what makes you wholesome. Take part for your chance to win a 2650 VENTO Fanes Women’s Jacket.

The winner will be chosen on 01.07.2019 and contacted via a direct message on Instagram.


Over the last few years, we’ve invested a lot in the development of functional clothing especially tailored to women’s needs. Our women’s products aren’t just designed by active, experienced sportswomen, but also tested by our endurance-driven employees and professional athletes.

From mid-April to the end of June, we’d like to focus on our skinfit® women’s products for individual needs, and let their multisport designs ensure maximum comfort. Happiness, fun and passion always come first.