Care instructions

Functional clothing is made of high-tech materials. To prolong the lifespan and to ensure maximum functionality of your Skinfit garments, please observe the following care instructions:

Hand Wash
We recommend machine washing all items separately before wearing. Please do not wash any of our products by hand. Colours may transfer onto other garments more easily than in the washing machine due to the smaller amount of water used and the resulting higher concentration of colourants. Simply follow the care instructions for your garments and combine only similar colours when washing.

Wet Garments
Do not leave your sports garments lying around when wet, as colours may start to bleed. Always dry your Skinfit clothing completely (especially after sweating).

Over time, ultraviolet rays (sunlight) lead to fading in fluorescent colours (e.g. neon yellow). This is a natural process and not a fault in the product.

Fabric Softeners/Washing Instructions
Do not use fabric softeners on sportswear. They reduce the functional characteristics (i.e. moisture transport, fast drying etc.) of your garments. Every time you wash your garment, the fabric is subject to mechanical stress. Please follow the individual instructions on your product‘s care label. Therefore, turn the garment inside out before washing to protect the fabric‘s surface as well as any prints or reflectors. We recommend our CareTEX products which are specially designed for our sports clothing. They ensure that your clothes remain functional and protect fabrics.

Use of a dryer
Some garments might shrink if subjected to excessive heat from a dryer. We recommend linedrying if possible or using the low heat setting of your dryer.

The softer and more comfortable a fabric, the less wear-resistant it usually is. Thus, we recommend that you avoid any friction with belts, straps and rough materials like Velcro etc. A certain degree of pilling is unavoidable in some garments, however this does not impact on their function.

Garments with elasthane
Elasthane is a yarn that is woven into fabrics to increase their elasticity. Chlorine, perspiration and cosmetic products are particularly harmful to these yarns. Special care, however, will increase their durability. Therefore, always rinse such garments in clear water after use in chlorinated water or after doing exercising.

Teflon Finish 
Some garments have a special Teflon finish which repels water, rain, dirt or in some garments, improves hydrodynamic properties (Tri Speed series). This finish washes out when the garment is washed several times, but can be restored by applying heat (tumble-dry or iron on low heat).

Care of gloves with leather insert
Our gloves are labeled as not washable. If you need to clean your gloves, please use lukewarm water and a small quantity of a mild detergent. Please use the recommended dosage of detergent, since only a very small quantity is needed for hand wash. Too much detergent may damage the materials. We recommend our CareTEX, which protects the material and ensures that your clothes remain functional. Rinse the detergent well and wrap the wet gloves in a dry towel and press the water out. After being washed by hand in this manner, the gloves can be dried in open air. Do not place them on a heater or in the sun. As soon as the gloves are half dry, put them on and make a fist with your hand, so that the initial shape is recreated. As soon as the gloves have dried, you may softly knead the leather and apply a leather care product.