The world’s first sports clothing system developed solely by triathletes came into being in 1997 in a small garage not far from the current site. As an ambitious triathlete and passionate mountaineer, Werner Battisti was more than familiar with the challenges facing functional clothing in training and competition. What the industry experts were missing was a cross-discipline, easily combinable clothing system that could be used all year round. He founded Skinfit and decided to develop his own. Defined by the two basic functions of cooling and protection, as well as the aim of maintaining a body temperature of 37°C, he gradually designed the Skinfit Modulario system from the first layer against the skin to the outer layer to protect from wind and wet.

Skinfit Modulario is what makes us unique.

Our cross-discipline, easily combinable clothing system can be worn all year round and helps us stand out from the crowd - as well as our direct sale and pricing system, which has been honest and transparent from day one. Together with our longstanding franchise partners and employees, we are able to offer extraordinarily competent advice. We consciously take the time to consider the needs of our customers and do them justice with a suitable selection and combination of our functional clothing. Our product developers’ and sales staff’s experience in endurance sports helps us achieve this. Our passion for what we do makes our company Skinfit and our brand Skinfit authentic.

Embolden people to get moving.

From the very beginning, we made it our mission to embolden people to get moving, to make them love endurance sports and to offer them an emotional home. Designed in house and personally tested by us, our functional clothing lets us give our customers unforgettable moments in nature and the best possible support during arduous training sessions and competitions.

Every customer is a brand ambassador.

We treat our customers as equals and have big long-term goals, just like them. Down to earth, authentic, honest and fair, we strive to live by the slogan ‘by athletes for athletes’ and the vision of ‘every customer is a brand ambassador’.

by athletes for athletes.