Fairness is a core value in sport. Being fair means upholding certain rules and treating others with honesty and respect. These principles define our daily work - our dealings with employees, partners, suppliers, resources and, most of all, customers. That’s why sustainability takes on a range of dimensions for us. They help us to stay true to our philosophy and offer our customers reliability in terms of the development and quality of our products.

Our clothing system

Designed for durability and timelessness, our functional clothing will outlast any short-lived trend. We design reliable sports clothing that can be perfectly combined and used all year round. Complemented by the highest quality of carefully selected materials, our clothing system can be worn for years and you can expand your collection with new products.

The development process behind our products is often complex and time-consuming: we carefully consider, select the best materials, design prototypes, test with athletes and employees, improve and retest before bringing a product to the market. Despite our principles of timelessness and durability, we’ve found a way to bring innovation into the way we think, develop and stay competitive.

Value chain

We place great importance on keeping a significant part of our product value chain in Austria. For example, products are designed at our Koblach site and finished with your company logo as required at our in-house printing facility. We use the finest fabrics from Vorarlberg and produce around 70% of our products in Europe and Tunisia.

To guarantee the best possible function and quality in even our most complex products, we need the latest technology and specific production know-how. We have found both in qualified premium operations with fair working conditions and the highest social and safety standards in Europe and the Far East - we visit these producers on site to ensure we’re satisfied.

We have a friendly relationship with our longstanding partners in Poland, Lithuania, Tunisia, Thailand and China - especially our production facility in Tunisia. We have been working with the Austrian-born owner and her flagship operation from the very beginning.

By carefully selecting our production sites and materials, and living by the motto ‘fair conditions for all over profit at any price’ means that we are able to produce our goods under fair social and ecological conditions. The best possible quality is always our top priority.