Being outdoors is always best. In order to rise to the challenges of our functional clothing requirements and our mission, a lot of work takes place behind the scenes - from product development to advising our customers in the shop via our employees and partners. Even though our staff all have different jobs and skills, at the end of the day, each one of them contributes to us being where we are today. What links our brand and our staff and partners is a sporting attitude, joy in what we do and attention to detail. Alongside daily business, we create a space and opportunities for cross-departmental exchange: café breaks, pleasant chats perhaps over a piece of cake, taking part in events and company trips. This lets our staff write the best stories. They give the company a face - more tangible, richer and more emotional than any argument written in our company philosophy ever could be. Good stories almost write themselves when we experience things together. They give the Skinfit family the chance to get to know each other on another level outside their comfort zones and to grow and develop as people and as a team.

A varied range of options ensures excitement. It also ensures that there’s something for everyone. While our service team enjoyed a team breakfast followed by a sledge ride in Laterns, the marketing team hiked up the Matona.

Having this experience together in the wonderful nature of Vorarlberg really strengthened the solidarity in our team.’
- Benjamin Pliessnig, Sales Manager

Our sales and events team took advantage of their longstanding relationship with Fritz Tripolt from the Yacht Club Bregenz and went on a sailing trip with his son on the ‘Skinfit’ catamaran. Gusts of wind meant that the whole team had to get stuck in.

Spending evenings cycling or barbecuing together gives our staff the opportunity to strengthen personal relationships across all departments. As varied as our activities might be, they all have one thing in common: fun and enjoyment are the top priority. After all, this is the only way to create memories that will be retold over and over to the sound of laughter - even long after the team has returned to the normality of the Skinfit shop or office.

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