Skinfit Modulario

From sports undergarments to sportswear – The Skinfit Modulario system supports you with its 5 modules (KLIMA, AERO, VENTO, CALDO and SCUDO) throughout the year for various sports and ensures perfect climate management.

Skinfit Modulario products are characterized by the following properties:

Skinfit Modulario products not only fulfil a purpose, but in combination with other Skinfit Modulario products, one and the same product can sometimes perform very different functions.

5 modules

KLIMA – The functional undergarments with the right climate management.
AERO – Breathability. Freedom of movement. Versatility. It doesn’t matter whether it is used as a base or midlayer.
VENTO – The breathable windbreaker.
CALDO – Insulation and heat in the smallest packing size.
SCUDO – Protects against wind and weather.

One product from each module and you’re superbly equipped for an incredible number of sports and conditions.”
Werner Battisti, founder and owner :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

4 factors

These four decisive factors have emerged from countless personal conversations that our employees have had with our customers over the past few years. They were decisive for the fact that our customers left our shop satisfied with a product that was ideal for their requirements. Our vision is for every Skinfit customer to become a brand ambassador. We can only achieve this if you get the right product for you.

Sport – fewer products, more uses – Simply Multisport
Intensity – from comfortable to full throttle!
Temperature – heat accumulation and cold shock are a thing of the past
Weather – precipitation, wind or sun: you’re prepared for everything

3 layers

3-layer principle, onion principal or layered look. No matter what you call it, the bottom line is that it works. And it does. That’s why the 3-layer principle is the basis for Skinfit Modulario. Several thin layers can be combined. This supports the body’s own processes and gives active athletes a feeling of comfort even in extreme situations.

Regulation – warms in the cold and cools in the heat
Insulation – stores your body heat and protects against hypothermia
Protection – protection against wind and weather

You can respond very individually to the different weather conditions by just putting on or taking off products and layers.

2 functions

Skinfit products fulfil the two basic functions that functional sportswear has to fulfil: Cooling and protection.

Cooling – a mobile air conditioner for your body, which gives off excess heat
Protection – against external influences such as wind and weather

1 goal

37°C body temperature – the secret of your personal best. If we are too cold or too hot during sports, our performance drops. Our body needs to expend extra energy to regulate body temperature using the body’s own processes. Your optimal operating temperature is 37°C. Skinfit Modulario offers you and your body the right solutions, so you don’t waste unnecessary energy and can achieve your personal best.