cross-country skiing

Your leg propels you from the ground. Your ski glides smoothly down the perfectly groomed slope. Your poles swing forwards, ready to push off again. You breathe in clear winter air and enjoy the rhythm of flowing movements. Your muscles know exactly what to do. Everything moves without you even having to think about it. Cross-country skiing is like meditation, like a mini break for your body, mind and soul.

Hardly any other sport offers the same full-body training as cross-country skiing. This classic winter sport has also become a trend sport. Young or old, leisure-focused or ambitious, classic or skating: everyone can cross-country ski. To make sure you’re comfortable in any weather at any intensity, you have to choose the right functional clothing. While our Klima functional base layers keep your skin feeling dry, our additional layers protect you from wind, snow and cold and regulate your body temperature so you can achieve top performance on the slopes.