mountain biking

Our desire for adventure is an integral part of us. We are always on the look-out for kicks, a bit of risk, experiences unlike our everyday lives. With a mountain bike, you’ll find them. You’ll discover new hidden trails on each trip, guided by your intuition - the best guide there is. It’s the little surprises that get your adrenalin pumping. What awaits beyond the next curve? A slippy carpet of roots or a technical pass? You’re completely focussed, your muscles are wired - always ready to react at a moment’s notice.

Staying on balance, finding the perfect line and being in flow is what it’s all about. Technical skill, conditioning and a clear head let you overcome limits and obstacles. Whether you prefer ascents with plenty of traction or racing downhills, whether you’d rather leisurely enjoy a mountain panorama or take off on a gruelling week-long tour, you need your mountain bike and the right clothing. While our Skinfit products support you with unlimited freedom of movement, lightness and breathability on the ascent, they also protect you from the airstream on the way down. Especially on longer trips, you’ll benefit from fast-drying materials and the compact dimensions of our products when folded or rolled.