ski mountaineering

As soon as the first snow falls, your legs start to itch. You wake up your skis from their summer hibernation and get up before sunrise. While others might take the ski lift, you prefer to conquer the mountain under your own steam, making tracks along untouched powder and enjoying the silence that’s only broken by the sound of your own breath. Your muscles are at full power. Surrounded by the expanse of whiteness, you climb towards the summit, where a thrilling descent through fresh, untouched powder awaits.

Ski mountaineering is fascinating: moving through untouched nature, the breathtaking views, unforgettable moments at the top and convivial après-ski with friends - all great reasons to don your skis again and again. Especially tailored to the needs of ski mountaineers, our Skinfit products are made from robust stretchy fabrics to provide you with maximum comfort on your trails. They make sure that you’re dressed for any conditions: from tour trousers with edge protection to layers with the optimal balance of breathability and wind protection and the waterproof 3-layer hard shell SCUDO Bivacco jacket.