trail running

Trail running is booming! More and more runners are turning their backs on tarmac to find adventure away from the trodden path. With each kilometre, you switch off more, leaving the rat race behind you to experience nature with all your senses - that’s the pull of trail running. Each run in nature is different. You can find beautiful trails everywhere: in the lowlands, in the mountains and sometimes even in the city.

In trail running, it’s the experience that counts. Roots, stones and puddles need your full attention. Sometimes your trail will take you gently over soft meadows, fields and marshes then suddenly throw up technical obstacles for you to tackle. In the mountains, you’ll be caught off guard by snow and ice. Off-road running needs the full attention of body and mind. You want to enjoy the freedom of the trails to the fullest. Our flexible all-rounders and refined combinations of running tights and shorts will give your physical exertion a feeling of flow.