In october our skinfit® pro triathletes will once again fight for the "King & Queen of Kona". As a special highlight and to support all our athletes and customers, Skinfit offers the opportunity to order a limited edition of the Vario Streamliner with a special Skinfit Kona Design.

Order now your limited edition of the Vario Tri Suit Streamliner Kona for EUR 240,– until July, 24th. First 20 orders get 9545 Queen K Coolers for free. 

Note: Limited Edition Vario Tri Suit Streamliner Kona can only be ordered by e-mail.

Carry the myth of Kona on your Skin. The first race of the season is always something special. You know you’re well prepared but you still have butterflies before the starting shot fires. You quickly find your competitive confidence. Despite the wind, you still manage to get up a high speed during the cycling leg. As you run towards the finish line, the cheering crowds spur you on. Shortly before the end, the asphalt melts away into carpet. You dig deep and find the energy to race to the finish line.

Maximum comfort and tried-and-tested functionality packed into an exciting design make this speedy racing suit a real head-turner. A cohesive fabric concept with reduced, cleverly positioned seams and freecut cuffs prevent rubbing in any discipline. Maximum breathability supports the body’s cooling process. Thanks to fast-drying properties and low moisture absorbency, the Vario Tri Suit Streamliner Kona leaves your skin feeling great. While the flexible upper body and the stretchy zip are sure to impress during swimming and running, the longer sleeves and legs ensure speed during the cycling leg. Even though you can hardly feel it while running, a thin, antibacterial cycling insert ensures maximum comfort in the saddle. A close-fitting hidden back pocket provides space for gels and nutrition bars. Comfortable under a wetsuit, this Vario Tri Suit Streamliner Kona tis perfectly suited to long-distance and middle-distance running.

Technical details   

  • freecut neckline
  • longer sleeves and cuffs with freecut cuffs and silicone rubber on the inside
  • taped hidden pocket at the back
  • thin antibacterial cycling insert
  • reduced flat seams to avoid unnecessary rubbing
  • aerodynamic and ergonomic fit
  • stretchy functional fabric
  • fast-drying
  • comfortable to wear under a wetsuit