For the most demanding days: Tirreno Bib Shorts

What's important in the best road shorts

Anyone who spends time in the saddle knows about irritation due to friction. Finding the best cycling shorts and saddle isn't always easy, but once you find your perfect saddle and short combination, your enjoyment on two wheels improves dramatically. What's important in this essential piece of functional cycling clothing? We get down to basics.

INSERT. One of the most important features of a great cycling short is a good chamois. Tirreno Bib Shorts have an extremely supple gel insert, perfect for most body shapes, which ensures sit bones and soft tissue are perfectly supported, even on long or intensive training sessions. Carefully positioned seams ensures a comfortable fit. Top tip: wear nothing underneath to avoid irritation.

FIT. As well as great chamois, the right fit is also important for comfortable rides. The best cycling shorts should always fit closely, to avoid pressure or friction. Most performance oriented cyclists choose bib shorts for good reason: they are tailored for the riding position and the bib straps help hold the shorts in place. When you first put them on we recommend to assume the riding position and adjust them to ensure there are no creases or tight areas: shorts should be barely noticeable when you're wearing them.

BIB STRAPS. For Tirreno Bib Shorts we developed a special bib with an extremely light, breathable mesh. Thanks to great stretch, the straps conform perfectly to the torso and shoulders. The white colour means they are almost invisible under very light coloured jerseys. At the back waist an extended fabric panel means there's never a gap between shorts and jersey.

MATERIAL. We have chosen a functional fabric with great stretch, soft and comfortable to wear. This fabric quickly returns to its original form and ensures low wrinkle formation, while its strong compression helps reduce muscle fatigue. Tirreno Bib Shorts' maximum breathability and moisture management allows sweat to wick away from the body and ensure dry, pleasant feeling skin. Muscles can maintain an optimal operating temperature, even on the hottest rides, because excess body heat escapes quickly.

LEG GRIPPER. Perfectly fitting leg grippers complete a great fitting cycling short. Leg openings should not be too tight, constrict or irritate, especially around the thighs. As blood flow to muscles increases during exercise the soft, freecut leg grippers on our Tirreno Bib Shorts deliver soft, comfortable supportive hold while pedalling.

Choose from classic black - at least one belongs in every wardrobe - or stylish darklaguna. Designed for maximum performance and endurance, the Tirreno Bib Shorts ensure top performance.