Visible and safe thanks to skinfit® Safety

Lower temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight are characteristics of the season. Theses conditions bring with them many dangers for those who wish to continue training outdoors. To combat the dangers of dark clothing in these conditions Skinfit launched its skinfit® Safety product line. Excellent climate management and visibility are key features of skinfit® Safety products. The multifunctional properties of skinfit® products ensure that they can be used for a multitude of sporting activities.

Be visible when working out.

How to wear skinfit® reflective strap!
Make sure you are wearing the skinfit® Safety Reflective Strap on your leg which is close to the street.

Wear reflective clothing.
It is difficult for drivers to see you in the dark, so don´t make it harder by wearing non reflective clothing.
Make sure to wear colors, especially neon yellow which have integrated reflective features that help you make you visible and let you feel save.

Are your friends aware of safety and visibility in the dark?
Be a role model! Tell your friends and family how important it is to be visible in the dark.

Running in the dark.

Run with a friend!
You´ll have a buddy to keep you motivated and visible.

Run on the left side of the road!
The proper place to run is on the left side of the road. Facing traffic gives you a better overview.


Explore skinfit® Safety

Breathable and windproof fabrics provide a maximum of comfort as well as unlimited freedom of movement due to an ergonomic cut. Lightweight fabrics and a small packing volume make skinfit safety products easy to take along anywhere. The multifunctional properties of skinfit products ensure that they can be used for a multitude of sporting activities. In combination with the right fuctional underwear and an insulating layer, skinfit Safety products may be worn for running and cycling alike. However they can just as well be integrated into daily life such as the trip to and from work.