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Best of both worlds. At your first triathlon, you swam 500m, cycled 20km and ran 4km to get to the finish line. Now you’re facing a completely new challenge: your first long distance. Just as before your last middle distance, you relax your muscles one more time before you wade into the knee-high water. More and more spectators push towards the starting line to cheer you on. Despite your nerves, you enjoy the atmosphere and the countdown. With your seasonal personal best within reach, you can hardly wait to climb onto your bike, your hair still wet from the water, and hear the sound of your aero bike in a rush of speed.

This Tri Suit combines the comfort and function of a one piece with the advantage of a two piece. The combination of the tried-and-tested Tri Shorts and a lightweight top ensures maximum performance in all disciplines. Exceptional breathability allows excess body heat to escape even in high heat. This one piece with its two-in-one design is sure to impress especially in the last few kilometres of a race. You can simply open the zip during the running leg to further support temperature management. Longer sleeves with a rounded freecut come with plenty of benefits on the bicycle. Even though you can hardly feel it while running, a thin cycling insert ensures maximum comfort on your racing bike. Comfortable under a wetsuit, this Hawi Tri Suit is perfectly suited to long-distance and middle-distance running.

Technical details

  • longer sleeves with freecut cuffs and silicone rubber on the inside of the leg cuffs
  • stretchy zip
  • hidden pocket at the back
  • thin antibacterial cycling insert
  • close-fitting
  • ergonomic fit
  • lightweight functional fabric at the torso
  • compact trouser fabric
  • breathable
  • fast-drying
  • comfortable to wear under a wetsuit
  • athletic fit 
  • breathability [high]

  • drying time [short]

  • bacteriostatic

Weight [g]: 195 g
Packing [ml]: 400 ml
UV protection: 50 UPF
Fabric 1: 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane
Fabric 2: 60% Polyamide, 40% Elastane
Inset: 56% Polyester, 44% Polyamide

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