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Aerodynamic. Lighter. Faster. The name Bullet stands for the latest innovation combined with decades of triathlon experience. This redesigned and refined competition suit sets new benchmarks and ensures uncompromising performance at middle and long distance. The most important competitions in the world wouldn’t be the same without it. Thanks to the constant development of materials and features in collaboration with our professional athletes, the Streamliner Bullet Tri Suit is still the industry leader.

This ultra-lightweight high-end racing suit ensures uncompromising performance in any discipline. An innovative material concept guarantees that this racing suit clings to the body like a second skin to achieve exceptional aerodynamics. Thanks to the functional fabric’s minimal moisture absorption, the Streamliner Bullet Tri Suit retains its minimal weight even when wet. Exceptional breathability allows excess body heat to escape even in high heat. The cleverly positioned ice pockets at the neck and lumbar can be used to support the body’s cooling process. The water runs down the grid-like texture of the fabric on the torso, helping to cool you down. While the flexible upper body and the stretchy zip are sure to impress during swimming and running, the honeycomb texture of the fabric on the torso as well as on the long freecut sleeves and legs ensures better air flow as you cycle. Even though you can hardly feel it while running, a thin, antibacterial cycling insert ensures maximum comfort on your racing bike. Comfortable under a wetsuit, this Streamliner Bullet Tri Suit is perfectly suited to long-distance and middle-distance competitions.

Technical details

  • breathable, fast-drying and aerodynamically optimised
  • reduced, ergonomic fit
  • stretchy, porous and textured functional fabric at the torso
  • honeycomb textured material for improved airflow at the sleeves, legs and sides
  • compact functional fabrics with high elasticity and recovery
  • thin, antibacterial cycling insert
  • integrated ice pockets at the neck and lumbar
  • hidden back pocket with practical silicone grip
  • flat stretchy front zip
  • long sleeves and legs for optimal aerodynamics
  • freecut cuffs on the sleeves and legs
  • wrinkle-resistant in aero cycling position
  • comfortable to wear under a wetsuit
  • athletic fit
  • breathability [high]

  • cooling

  • drying time [short]

  • weight

  • Aerodynamic
  • bacteriostatic

Weight [g]: 145 g
Packing [ml]: 350 ml
Fabric 1: 63% Polyamide, 37% Elastane
Fabric 2: 75% Polyester, 25% Elastane
Fabric 3: 73% Polyamide, 27% Elastane
Inset: 56% Polyester, 44% Polyamide

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