Discover the brand new Adamello jackets

Winter is just around the corner and you are still looking for a reliable companion for the cold season? Then you've come to the right place, because we're introducing the brand new CALDO Adamello jackets from the 2023|2024 autumn/winter collection!

19 octobre 2023

Does Skinfit also make down now?

Yes, because we always want the best performance!

In the past years, we have always opted for synthetic insulation, i.e. PrimaLoft©, for our insulation jackets. But this season we are introducing our first down jackets. Why? Because we always want to offer the best performance and PrimaLoft© has always convinced us because of its moisture-resistant and easy-care properties. But down also has one big advantage where it is far ahead of PrimaLoft©: its excellent thermal performance!

Despite their low weight, the CALDO Adamello jackets impress with their enormous bulk (750 cuin - 93/7) and thus offer excellent insulation. The high-quality and RDS-certified duck down is optimally distributed in the special down chambers so that no cold bridges can occur and perfect thermal performance is always ensured.


Elastic cuffs at the hem and sleeves also prevent the cold from penetrating and the warmth from escaping. Further protection is provided by the lightweight and windproof outer material, a high stand-up collar and a broadly lined zip underlap.

Down jackets are extreme fine fibres and are sensitive to moisture. They need special care to keep you warm for as long as possible.


A cosy fleece insert in the two outer zipped pockets promises additional comfort when you want to warm up your hands in the pockets. On the inside, personal items can be stowed in two spacious pockets.


The jacket is ideal for high altitude tours, ski tours or other challenges in the mountains and fits easily into any backpack thanks to its small pack size. It can be worn ideally as an outer layer in dry conditions or as a midlayer under a hardshell jacket in adverse weather.

What is actually the difference between a down jacket and a PrimaLoft© jacket? And when should you use which jacket?