Autumn-Winter-Collection 2023|24

Our enduring fascination with highly functional sportswear stems from our desire to constantly evolve. Our passion for sport, as well as the successes of our athletes, remind us that as long as we are determined to pursue our goal, we are capable of overcoming our limitations. It is through this adherence to our sporting ambitions that we draw endless inspiration for new products. Discover the autumn-winter collection 2023|2024!

19 octobre 2023

Sport offers the opportunity to overcome physical and mental limits, build self-confidence and grow through challenges. We therefore proudly strive for perfection in every detail and develop sportswear that supports people on their sporting journey. We carefully try to preserve proven traditions, but at the same time react to current needs in our focus sports with new ideas and approaches. You will find the result in our new products for the autumn/winter collection 2023|2024!

Ready for the cold season?

When the days get shorter and the sky turns grey, it may be tempting to just snuggle up at home in a cosy blanket and put your feet up. But it is precisely the rainy days of autumn that offer a special opportunity to awaken the inner fighting spirit, test one's will and further develop mental strength.


The humid air, the unmistakable smell of fallen leaves and the cool temperatures add a certain intensity to the sport that allows us to step out of our comfort zone and create new training stimuli. After each session where we have battled through the wind and rain, where the heavy drops have pelted our jackets and our shoes have sunk into the mud, we can feel the incomparable pride of having once again faced the elements.


Fascination for alpine heights

The fascination of alpine high altitude tours lies in the lure of entering a breathtaking world of snow, ice and rock. It offers incomparable adventures, overwhelming landscapes and the opportunity to test one's own limits once more.


Does Skinfit also make down now?

Yes, because we always want the best performance! When developing our products, we always have one thing in mind: the best performance. For this reason, we have always opted for man-made insulation, PrimaLoft© to be precise, for our insulation jackets in the past. But down also has its advantages and so that you can tailor your new insulation jacket to your individual needs, we now offer our tried and tested PrimaLoft© jackets as well as brand new RDS-certified down jackets.


Every ski tour offers not only physical challenges, but also a deep connection to nature and an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The crunch of snow under your skis, the breathtaking views of snowy peaks and the sublime silence are what make our passion for ski touring so endless.

Sport in everyday life

Our passion for sport constantly demands movement and activity. It is a powerful engine that constantly drives us to promote our physical and mental health. But how can this passion be integrated into our often hectic everyday lives?