Partnerships with athletes

Performance is our brand essence. For 25 years now Skinfit has been producing functional clothing for the highest demands and true to our motto "by athletes for athletes" we have been supporting top athletes from all fields from the very beginning.

September 29, 2022

Professionals accompany us from the beginning

For us, sponsorship in top-class sports means not only equipping professional athletes with our products and thus positively influencing their performance, but also, and above all, developing products for athletes and their requirements, jointly bringing about new product innovations and working with athlete feedback.

Standstill is not our claim. Leaving the comfort zone is our credo.

Together with our top athletes, innovative, competition-specific products such as the Skimo Diavolezza Suit, Streamliner Bullet Tri Suit, San Remo Bike Suit or Chamonix Trail Suit have been developed over time.


One thing is still enormously important to us today. Long-term partnerships at eye level, based on trust, mutual support and open exchange. It's not just the pure sporting success that counts, but also the people and the team behind it. Only over several years can this trust be built up and thus the partnership optimized for bei Seide. It takes time to consolidate a common basis, to learn from each other and to improve each other. Young athletes in particular often experience less enjoyable moments after their first successes, face breaks due to injury, or have to reconcile family, job, and/or sports career for the first time. For us, long-term cooperation, even and especially in difficult times, is not uncommon. It is important to give the athlete an emotional home.

Partnerships last an entire career

Olympic starters such as the triathletes Franz Höfer and Norbert Domnik (both AUT) as well as Ruedi Wild (SUI) and Marko Albert (EST) have been accompanied by us for up to 10 years, not only from a sporting point of view. Sponsoring relationships often do not end after the end of a career, but rather partnerships between Skinfit and athletes go far beyond sports. Friendships, later business relationships or long-term ambassadorial relationships develop.

With exceptional athletes such as  Yvonne van Vlerken (NED) and Julia Gajer (DEU), we were able to work together on a long-term basis until the end of their careers and beyond, experiencing highs and lows with them. Celebrating successes and drawing lessons from failures.


With trail runner Alexander Rabensteiner (ITA) Skinfit has been in partnership for 9 years, Skimo expert Patrick Innerhofer has been part of the "skinfit family" since 2011 as a former athlete and now brand ambassador.  The German top triathlete Boris Stein has also been relying on clothing from our company for 10 years now.


Again and again, new, young talents, but also experienced athletes from new fields complement our team. Together we strive towards the perfection of our high-end products for competitive use and promote top-class sports with our support. Sustainability is not just a concept in terms of product development, attitude or philosophy. We live it also and especially in sponsoring top athletes.