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  1. #09409-indigo-35-38

    Pavillo Socks NEW

    These sports socks belong in every wardrobe. They are absolutely versatile and offer the best wearing comfort for any sports session thanks to the reinforced toweling section and ankle-high shaft.

    € 20
  2. #03032-atlantic-XS

    Kanisfluh Shorts NEW

    These shorts can be used for any summer or winter sports. Their robust and elastic functional material is highly breathable, repels dirt and water, and reliably protects against wind.

    € 140
  3. #06100-rust-XS

    Carviglia Shorts NEW

    These sports shorts are characterised by their versatility and particularly robust material. Thanks to their casual style, they also convince in everyday life and free time.

    € 160
  4. #05454-dunkelrot-S

    Kailua Bra Top NEW

    This bra top belongs in every athlete's wardrobe. It not only convinces with its comfortable support and a sophisticated mix of materials, but it can also be worn in combination with other layers or alone as a top.

    € 55
  5. #06022-dunkelblau-XS

    Infinito Samedan Shorts NEW

    These sports shorts are as convincing for training as they are for everyday use and leisure. The highly functional material guarantees the best performance, while the casual jeans look gives a casual look.

    € 135
  6. #06066-crysanthem-XS

    Infinito Riva Women's Top NEW

    This women's top not only impresses with its summery everyday design, it is also highly functional. The light material is extremely breathable and dries quickly.

    € 50
  7. #06042-crysanthem-XS

    Infinito Riva Women's T-Shirt NEW

    This t-shirt for women is not only ideal for la dolce vita, it also has a lot to offer: Its light and breezy functional material is perfect for exercising on hot days thanks to its quick-drying properties.

    € 70
  8. #07061-schwarz-XS

    Kona Tri Shorts NEW

    These triathlon shorts feature sophisticated details for all disciplines. The elastic functional fabric, the fine, antibacterial padding and the Freecut leg cuffs provide pleasant comfort even during high-intensity workouts.

    € 120
  9. #08017-blau-one size

    Palü Headband

    Clever and warm. This headband ensures warm ears and a pleasantly dry feeling in cold conditions. The combination of windproof outer fabric and tried and tested KLIMA Pro fabric on the inside allows excess body heat to easily escape. Thanks to its close-fitting design, the Palü Headband can be worn under almost any helmet. Suitable for any sport, it will keep your head warm during training and competition.

    € 35
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #02031-dunkelgelb-S

    Campello T-Shirt NEW

    This T-shirt caters to athletes who value style and maximum functionality. The custom-made functional material is essential in preventing the development of bacteria and odours.

    € 80
  12. #01020-schwarz-XS

    Calima Cycling Shorts NEW

    These underwear cycling pants are as light as a feather and offer maximum performance. Micro-perforations in the elastic functional fabric ensure excellent breathability and moisture management.

    € 90
  13. #07077-oliv-XS

    Colombier Cycling Shorts NEW

    These cycling pants convince with the best function and maximum performance. The heat- and moisture-regulating functional material and the proven Skinfit gel insert offer reliable comfort, even on longer rides.

    € 130
  14. #08031-indigo-35-38

    Matschun Socks

    These high-cut sports socks are the ideal choice for all sports where you wear higher shoes. Thanks to the NanoGlide® technology, blisters don't stand a chance even on long hikes in hiking boots.

    € 24
  15. #09041-iceblue-1000 ml

    Lago Maggiore Bottle 1000 ml NEW

    This drinking bottle will keep you hydrated in any situation. It can hold up to a litre of liquid, but is slim enough to take it anywhere.

    € 20
  16. #01201-carbon-XS

    Pro T-Shirt

    Top notch temperature management. This functional base T-shirt offers cooling and warming in one package. While fast sweat wicking ensures maximum cooling during high intensity, the fabric’s ability to trap air provides comfortable warmth. Depending on the temperature and the season, the fast-drying KLIMA Pro T-Shirt can be flexibly combined with other layers.

    € 60
  17. #07086-oliv-S

    Colombier Bib Shorts NEW

    These cycling pants impress with their sophisticated bib section and first-class comfort. Many clever details, such as the tried-and-tested gel insert, freecut leg cuffs, pockets or reflectors, make these cycling pants a topper.

    € 160
  18. #03020-atlantic-XS

    Faludriga Jacket NEW

    This lightweight jacket with hood protects against wind, even in fickle weather. It ensures perfect moisture and temperature balance and at the same time, it promises freedom of movement and a soft feel.

    € 180
  19. #07062-iceblue-XS

    Mont Ventoux Cycling Jersey NEW

    This cycling jersey convinces through the use of the proven functional material AERO Skinlife Nexten. With its outstanding breathability and the best moisture management, it performs on every ride.

    € 160
  20. #08045-schwarz-one size

    Antibes Cap NEW

    This extremely lightweight sports cap is particularly versatile. It protects the head and face from the sun while guaranteeing pleasant temperature and moisture management.

    € 30