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  1. #02017-magenta-L

    Fliana Shirt

    Cosy and warm. This shirt skilfully combines sporty functionality with pleasant warmth. An especially quilted fleece inside ensures good moisture wicking and heat retention. Thanks to an optimal heat-weight ratio, the AERO Fliana Shirt is an ideal companion in the mountains, in your free time and just in everyday life.

    € 95 € 130 -27%
  2. #02021-indigo-M

    Salzburg T-Shirt

    This T-shirt combines functionality with high-quality design. The excellent breathability leads to a constant temperature adjustment that keeps the skin dry. The shirt serves as a base, mid or shell layer.

    € 44 € 60 -27%
  3. #01010-blau-XS

    Pro Shirt

    This functional long-sleeve underwear shirt in a two-tone design is cooling and warming at the same time. The thermoregulating properties keep the skin dry even at high intensities and warmer temperatures.

    € 55 € 75 -27%
  4. #09278-dunkellaguna-S

    Alvera Travelshirt

    This breathable travel shirt allows heat and sweat to escape perfectly. The soft yet robust functional material ensures a comfortable feeling on the skin, even when wearing a backpack for a long time.

    € 69 € 110 -37%
  5. #03043-dunkelrot-XS

    Dachstein Pants

    Whether in winter on a ski tour or in summer as practical pants to pull over - these pants are a real all-rounder and convince with many clever details as well as the highest functionality in every season.

    € 190 € 280 -32%
  6. #02016-rubin-XS

    Salzburg Women‘s T-Shirt

    This women's T-shirt fuses unlimited performance with attractive design. The high breathability allows excess body heat to escape quickly and keeps the skin dry - even at high intensities.

    € 44 € 60 -27%
  7. #26020-dunkellaguna-S

    Infinito T-Shirt

    This T-shirt convinces with its versatility. Thanks to its proven functionality and a timeless design that is perfect for everyday use, it is an absolute all-rounder for everyday activities.

    € 50 € 70 -29%
  8. #03010-blau-XS

    Thaya Jacket

    This lightweight jacket keeps you warm in cold and strong winds thanks to the functional fleece on the front. The jacket's extra breathability ensures ideal temperature control. The mesh inserts serve as supplementary ventilation.

    € 119 € 170 -30%
  9. #02001-orange-XS

    Altena Women's Hoodie

    This lightweight women's hoodie convinces with maximum breathability. The structured inside provides a high level of air trapping in the fabric for a comfortable feeling of warmth.

    € 60 € 100 -40%
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #11387-schwarz-40 l

    Multicolore Transition Bag

    This waterproof transition bag offers enough space for your training equipment. Its large opening and simple use make it ideal for the transition zone.

    € 39 € 60 -35%
  12. #02909-schwarz-XS

    Palüd Tights

    These tights combine the benefits of robust hiking trousers with the breathable lightness of running and trail-running tights. This advanced combination makes them the perfect choice for fast sessions in the mountains.

    € 150 € 220 -32%
  13. #26021-dunkelmagenta-XS

    Infinito Women‘s T-Shirt

    This athletic shirt convinces with its versatility. Thanks to its proven functionality and a timeless design that is perfect for everyday use, it is an absolute all-rounder for everyday activities.

    € 50 € 70 -29%
  14. #02035-iceblue-S

    Pura T-Shirt

    This T-shirt convinces with the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The lightweight and elastic material is extremely breathable. The feel, flexibility, and comfort are outstanding.

    € 50 € 70 -29%
  15. #08046-rubin-S/M

    Palü Hat

    This windproof sports cap made of quick-drying fabric and tried-and-tested inner material keeps your head at the ideal temperature. It can also be worn under a helmet thanks to its tight fit.

    € 30 € 50 -40%
  16. #09584-schwarz-24x9 cm

    Boston Running Belt

    This flat-fitting running belt with a customisable waist belt offers lots of space for small items that you always want to carry with you while you exercise.

    € 19 € 30 -37%
  17. #06038-dunkelgrau-XS

    Fontainebleau Pants

    These athletic pants impress with their extra robust material mix. Incorporated Cordura fibres make the functional material particularly durable and water- and dirt-repellent.

    € 130 € 195 -33%
  18. #05009-dunkellaguna-XS

    Andermatt Pants

    These pants are classic ski pants, especially on the coldest days of the year. The warm PrimaLoft insulation is protected by waterproof hardshell material and guarantees maximum comfort.

    € 270 € 390 -31%
  19. #07650-magenta-XS

    Ranna Women‘s Jacket

    This wind jacket for women with a close-fitting hood and transparent design gives protection from the wind on hiking or biking trips. It is water-repellent and dries quickly, making it perfect for any season.

    € 89 € 130 -32%
  20. #06027-grau-XS

    Infinito Flaminio Women‘s Shorts

    These short and breathable women's sports shorts combine functionality and maximum comfort in a smart design. The women's shorts can be used for a variety of sports and are great for everyday activities and exercise.

    € 59 € 95 -38%
  21. #06033-grau-XXS

    Infinito Cimiano Jacket

    This breathable athletic jacket impresses with its casual look when exercising and in everyday life. The elastic functional material allows excess body heat and moisture to escape even at high intensities.

    € 125 € 160 -22%
  22. #02036-laguna-XS

    Pura Women's T-Shirt

    This T-shirt for endurance enthusiasts combines comfort and performance. The lightweight and elastic fabric is extremely breathable and transports moisture quickly - even at high intensities.

    € 50 € 70 -29%
  23. #02015-schwarz-S

    Altena Hoodie

    This breathable hoodie guarantees maximum range of motion. The high-cut collar, close-fitting hood, and athletic cut make an excellent combination - even for high intensities.

    € 60 € 100 -40%
  24. #02041-dunkelrot-XS

    Altena Hoodie

    This athletic hoodie impresses with maximum breathability and unique moisture management. The soft, elastic fabric transports moisture quickly and effectively to the outside.

    € 60 € 100 -40%
  25. #01014-rubin-XS

    Soft Stratos Women's Slip

    These ladies briefs are particularly soft and hardly noticeable. The breathable fabric ensures rapid moisture transport and maximum comfort thanks to its thermoregulating properties. 

    € 20 € 40 -50%
  26. #06023-dunkelblau-XS

    Infinito Soho Women's Shorts

    These short athletic shorts for women are equally great for exercise, everyday life and leisure. Their highly functional material guarantees best performance, while the casual jeans design ensures a trendy look.

    € 89 € 125 -29%
  27. #06326-grün-S

    Campello Shirt

    This breathable athletic shirt gives heat no chance and eradicates moisture and bacteria. It keeps you satisfied while enduring extremes. The comfortable feel is easy to get used to.

    € 65 € 90 -28%
  28. #09004-neon-XS

    Safety Vest

    This breathable athletic vest in neon yellow ensures visibility at dusk or in the dark and keeps you safe when exercising on the road. In addition, it repels wind and water and dries quickly.

    € 69 € 120 -43%
  29. #09014-schwarz-one size

    Atlanta Bag

    This bag made of robust and coated functional material, is both water and dirt repellent and convinces with its light weight. It can be put on the back or as a carrier bag.

    € 12 € 20 -40%
  30. #09268-dunkellaguna-XS

    Alvera Women's Travelshirt

    This breathable travel shirt for women impresses with its optimal moisture management. Thanks to maximum breathability, it allows heat and moisture to escape quickly, even during high-intensity workouts or with a backpack.

    € 69 € 110 -37%