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  1. Bellavista Women's T-Shirt

    Bellavista Women's T-Shirt

    This ultra-thin women's sports shirt combines excellent breathability with short drying times and is sure to meet your comfort expectations in the mountains. The micro-perforations allow moisture and heat to escape quickly.

    € 69 € 94 -27%
  2. Vorra Shirt

    Vorra Shirt

    This long, breathable athletic shirt with a zip in the front convinces with an optimal microclimate between the skin and the wind-repellent functional fabric. Sweat and heat are quickly released to the outside.

    € 64 € 99 -35%
  3. Valisera Shirt

    Valisera Shirt

    This long sports shirt with structured, soft inner fleece is breathable and insulates on cold days. Even during intense workouts, the skin always stays dry and well ventilated.

    € 69 € 99 -30%
  4. Swim Suit

    Swim Suit

    This swim suit impresses with its feminine cut and high bounce. The water-repellent material lets water roll off and optimises hydrodynamics. Training and competition become a highlight.

    € 43 € 69 -38%
  5. Energy Lab Tri Shorts

    Energy Lab Tri Shorts

    These triathlon shorts are designed for swimming, cycling and running. Thanks to their soft functional fabric and well thought-out, flat seams, they also prevent chafing.

    € 47 € 79 -41%
  6. Lucca Cycling Jersey

    Lucca Cycling Jersey

    This cycling jersey gives you a first-class riding experience. It is designed for long and fast rides. Its high breathability and moisture transport turn every ride into a highlight.

    € 89 € 119 -25%
  7. Bike Skirt Granfondo

    Bike Skirt Granfondo

    This athletic skirt for women consists of a casually cut skirt and close-fitting trousers with integrated padding. Soft and elastic leg cuffs and a joined waistband make every bike ride a pleasure.

    € 69 € 129 -47%
  8. Energy Lab Tri Top

    Energy Lab Tri Top

    This sleeveless triathlon top impresses with top temperature management and antibacterial features for training and competition. It offers everything a triathlete's heart desires, including a comfortable feeling on the skin.

    € 44 € 74 -41%
  9. Bimbi Tricolore Tri Top

    Bimbi Tricolore Tri Top

    Three colours for little triathletes. This tri top is sure to impress with its special tri-colour design and maximum breathability. Thanks to a close fit, this Bimbi Tri Top is sure to impress in any sport in training as well as competition. Ideal for running and cycling.

    € 19 € 32 -41%
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. Tricolore Tri Top

    Tricolore Tri Top

    This aerodynamic triathlon top provides maximum breathability while training and racing, quickly eliminating heat and sweat. It keeps you dry even during high-intensity workouts.

    € 49 € 79 -38%
  12. Tricolore Tri Top

    Tricolore Tri Top

    This aerodynamic, breathable triathlon top convinces with its special design and is equipped with all the important details needed in training and competition.

    € 49 € 79 -38%
  13. Pavillo Socks

    Pavillo Socks

    These sports socks are the classic Skinfit socks. Their optimised padding and mid-cut shaft make them perfcet for any kind of sport.

    € 7 € 14 -50%
  14. Jaufen Cycling Jacket

    Jaufen Cycling Jacket

    This cycling jacket with reflective prints is designed to protect you from the wind while minimising heat thanks to its high breathability. It is perfect for road cycling and mountain biking.

    € 74 € 139 -47%
  15. Tricolore Tri Jersey

    Tricolore Tri Jersey

    This triathlon jersey is designed for an aggressive aero position on the time trial bike. Thanks to its cooling features and raglan sleeves that protect from sunlight, you will stay comfortable on the bike.

    € 66 € 99 -33%
  16. Safety Shorts

    Safety Shorts

    These athletic shorts in neon yellow combine breathability with wind protection. Thanks to high ventilation and elastic mesh inserts on the seat and sides of the leg, the skin stays pleasantly dry.

    € 54 € 89 -39%
  17. Mission Bay Tri Top

    Mission Bay Tri Top

    This triathlon top made from a newly developed fabric is fast-drying, bacteria-resistant and highly functional. This ensures perfect moisture management and keeps the skin dry.

    € 36 € 69 -48%
  18. Val di Fiemme XC Shirt

    Val di Fiemme XC Shirt

    This long sports shirt convinces with breathability and wind protection on the cross-country track. It is adapted to the needs racing, so that the skin remains ideally tempered even in demanding situations.

    € 79 € 119 -34%
  19. Sarotla Jacket

    Sarotla Jacket

    This jacket with hood, waterproof 2-layer outer fabric and insulating PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation padding is the warmest jacket in our clothing system. It is perfect for mountain trips or days spent on the slopes.

    € 189 € 349 -46%
  20. Turchino Cycling Jersey

    Turchino Cycling Jersey

    This cycling jersey is specially designed for long and fast rides. The functional fabric with micro-perforation is breathable, allowing heat and moisture to escape with ease as you conquer mountains.

    € 64 € 109 -41%