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  1. #06040-ocean-S

    Infinito Villach T-Shirt NEW

    This T-shirt is an absolute all-rounder. Thanks to its sophisticated drirelease® material, it feels like cotton but performs like functional fibre. This makes it perfect for exercise and leisure.

    € 60
  2. #03012-dunkelorange-XS

    Vita Jacket NEW

    This ultra-light wind jacket is an absolute classic in the Skinfit collection. Thanks to its sophisticated functional material, it offers the best breathability despite maximum wind protection and water-repellent properties.

    € 150
  3. #06055-crysanthem-XS

    Freestyle Shorts NEW

    You can use these shorts in a variety of ways - freestyle, that is. Their robust yet breathable and lightweight functional material guarantees maximum flexibility in a casual look.

    € 140
  4. #08089-schwarz-35-38

    Montvernier Socks NEW

    These sports socks with a particularly high shaft guarantee a comfortable and compact fit on the foot. A sophisticated mix of materials ensures a long-lasting dry feeling even during intensive sessions.

    € 20
  5. #06142-avorio-XS

    Infinito Detroit T-Shirt NEW

    This t-shirt is a must-have for anyone who does not want to give up the comfort of highly functional sportswear in everyday life. It impresses with its casual look and reliable function for active use.

    € 80
  6. #09044-schwarz-one size

    Garda Handlebar Bag NEW

    This handlebar bag attaches quickly and easily to any bicycle handlebar. It offers safe and practical storage space for everything you need to have at hand quickly during a bike ride. This bag guarantees perfect storage space on the go.

    € 45
  7. #03026-orange-XS

    Vita Vest NEW

    This lightweight wind vest protects you from wind and can easily be stowed away to save space. The water-repellent, breathable material ensures ideal regulation of the body temperature. The reflective prints ensure high visibility.

    € 130
  8. #02035-lavender-S

    Pura T-Shirt NEW

    This t-shirt is a multi-purpose all-rounder. Thanks to its especially soft and breathable functional fabric, it guarantees optimal comfort for all kinds of sports all year round.

    € 70
  9. #06116-oliv-S

    Infinito Atlanta T-Shirt NEW

    This t-shirt is the perfect companion for hot summer days. Thanks to its loose fit and special Aquamove® technology, your body will always stay fresh and dry - whether you are exercising or enjoying your free time.

    € 65
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #09053-schwarz-one size

    Riva Wallet NEW

    This small and sturdy wallet provides space for everything you need to take with you when travelling. Thanks to its cleverly designed system and practical pockets, you can always keep an overview.

    € 20
  12. #08108-schwarz-35-38

    Campolongo Socks NEW

    These breathable sports socks with a reinforced toweling area on the ball of the foot provide excellent comfort. The message on the back of the shaft also shows that you are BORN TO PERFORM.

    € 20
  13. #09060-taupe-1000 ml

    Lago Maggiore Bottle 1000 ml NEW

    This water bottle ensures you stay well hydrated in any situation. It can hold up to a litre of liquid and yet is so slim you can easily take it anywhere.

    € 20
  14. #06107-oliv-XS

    Freestyle Pants NEW

    With these pants, the name says it all: thanks to thoughtful details and highly functional materials, they not only perform ideally on the bike, but can also be used for countless other sports - freestyle that is.

    € 220
  15. #07110-oliv-XS

    Val Mora Shorts NEW

    These shorts convince on the mountain bike: the robust functional material is guaranteed to withstand any trail, and thanks to thoughtful details, they do not compromise freedom of movement even with cycling shorts and knee pads.

    € 180
  16. #09069-taupe-650 ml

    Lago Maggiore Bottle 650 ml NEW

    This water bottle ensures you stay well hydrated in any situation. It holds 650ml of liquid and yet is so slim you can easily take it anywhere.

    € 17
  17. #02055-dunkelgelb-XS

    Campello T-Shirt NEW

    This t-shirt impresses with the proven quality of the functional fabric AERO Skinlife Nexten. Thanks to its special fabric structure, it dries extremely quickly and has an odour-inhibiting effect thanks to its bacteriostatic properties.

    € 80
  18. #02054-schwarz-XS

    Vergalda Shorts NEW

    These shorts impress as classic running shorts. With their close-fitting fit and stretchy yet compact functional fabric, they follow your every move - whether on the trail, the athletic track or the treadmill.

    € 80
  19. #08072-schwarz-XS/S

    Alpe d' Huez Bike Cap NEW

    This particularly lightweight cycling cap is a classic cycling cap and offers reliable protection. It also guarantees pleasant temperature and moisture management as well as casual style on the bike.

    € 30
  20. #08093-taupe-one size

    Ravenna Belt NEW

    Not only practical and functional, this belt offers two styles in one. Thanks to the simple reversal function with a flexible clip buckle, it can be worn on both sides.

    € 20
  21. #06129-grau-S

    Infinito Flaminio Shorts NEW

    These shorts are the perfect companion for your multi-sport summer. Thanks to their sophisticated functional material, casual fit and stylish details, they will cut a good figure on the mountain, on the beach or even at the ice cream shop.

    € 95
  22. #08094-schwarz-35-38

    Rannio Socks NEW

    These socks not only offer highly functional materials and excellent comfort, the specially designed sports socks with a high shaft are also stylish.

    € 20
  23. #08051-teal-one size

    Montana Baseball Cap NEW

    This cap is a stylish accessory that completes any sports outfit. But it does not only impress with its classic style, but also with its pleasant breathability and thoughtful details.

    € 20
  24. #02037-oliv-XS

    Fondo Shirt NEW

    This shirt combines maximum breathability with perfect moisture regulation. At the same time, the light and soft fabric construction guarantees a particularly pleasant wearing comfort.

    € 80
  25. #09061-taupe-500 ml

    Lago Maggiore Bottle 500 ml NEW

    This water bottle ensures you stay well hydrated in any situation. It can hold up to half a litre of liquid and yet is so slim you can easily take it anywhere.

    € 15
  26. #07120-rot-XS

    Gardetta Cycling Jersey NEW

    This cycling shirt performs particularly well on warm days. The ultra-lightweight and micro-perforated functional fabric guarantees fresh and dry comfort, while the loose cut and design increase the style factor. This

    € 100
  27. #08114-avorio-one size

    Pordoi PCH Sunglasses NEW

    These sports sunglasses ensure perfect vision even in changing conditions. The photochromatic lenses react to UV rays and adjust their tint to the light conditions.

    € 120
  28. #06105-schwarz-XS

    Melogno Shirt NEW

    This shirt especially impresses on exciting mountain bike trails. The lightweight and breathable functional fabric ensures that your body is always at the ideal temperature during climbs and downhills.

    € 90
  29. #02056-iceblue-S

    Amalfi T-Shirt NEW

    This t-shirt impresses with its particularly lightweight yet compact functional material. Thanks to its multi-sport orientation, you can use it to achieve new top performances in different sports.

    € 65
  30. #09035-schwarz-20 l

    Arosa Backpack NEW

    This 20-litre backpack offers space for everything you want to take with you when travelling. Its light weight and well-thought-out details, such as the ergonomically padded carrying system, make it ideal for all kinds of sports.

    € 130