CareTEX Wash 1 l

detergent for sports clothing

This laundry detergent has been designed for the highly functional fibres and fabrics of Skinfit items. It not only ensures clean washing, but also long-lasting functionality of the sportswear.
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This laundry detergent maintains the functionality of sports clothes.

Cleanliness and long-lasting functionality

This detergent has been especially designed for the high-quality functional fabrics used in the skinfit® line. Dermatologically tested and biodegradable, CareTEX detergent ensures not only cleanliness but also long-lasting functionality and breathability. Ideal for the long-term care of skinfit® products.


  • gentle clean
  • effective even at low temperature cycles
  • no dyes
  • no fabric softeners or bleaches
  • function and breathability are retained for longer
  • biodegradable
  • dermatologically tested
  • free of microplastics




From sports underwear to sports outerwear - the Skinfit Modulario System with its 5 modules supports you all year round in various sports and ensures perfect climate management.

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