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Our history is written with sweat

The irrepressible will to perform at our best is in our DNA. When it comes to sportswear, we think like true athletes: we want to be better, faster, more successful, so that our athletes are better, faster and more successful. And we do that every day. Because settling for something never drove anyone to peak performance.

If you grow as fast as we do, you can start to sweat. Originating in an attic, the Skinfit brand has established itself within a few years as a high-quality sportswear system for ambitious athletes. Our founder Werner Battisti - himself a passionate triathlete - developed a multisportive, easily combinable and year-round clothing system from 1997 onwards. With success: today our collection comprises several hundred articles and is available internationally.


is our passion

Very few athletes train for just one sport. So that they don't need a completely new outfit all the time, we have developed a clothing system that works across all sports. For us, multisport means: no matter whether you are cycling, in the mountains or on a ski tour, our products are the perfect companion in many sports and every situation. Fewer articles, more possible uses.

The best systems are those that adapt. Athletes are fundamentally different. Just like sports, training, seasons or weather. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible. The 5 modules can be built on top of each other in any way, so that you are always optimally equipped with a minimum of articles.

Research and development are endurance sports for us. A large part of our development work takes place in Austria. In Koblach (Vorarlberg), we produce new top performances every day: This is not only where prototypes are conceived and manufactured in our in-house sewing department, this is where we develop the timeless design of our collection and test the latest Skinfit products so intensively that you could also call it "merciless". Because Skinfit is more than just a product. It is the promise that every item will withstand even the toughest runs, tours or trails.


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 Clothing System

Clothing System

From sports underwear to sports outerwear, the unique Skinfit Modulario system with its 5 modules - KLIMA, AERO, VENTO, CALDO and SCUDO - supports you all year round in various sports and ensures perfect climate management.

Modulario System


Of course, it is most beautiful outside. But in order to meet the demands on our functional clothing and live up to our mission, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes - from product development to advising our customers through our staff and partners in the shop.

This is us


Skinfit has been around since 1997 and should be around for many decades to come. This only works if we act responsibly as a company. No, we are not talking about an eco-label here and a planted tree there. We are talking about a holistic concept that establishes the topic of responsibility and sustainability in all relevant areas.

We take responsibility