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  1. Mottarone Cycling Jersey

    Mottarone Cycling Jersey

    This ultra-thin cycling jersey with micro-perforation allows excess heat and sweat to escape quickly. For mountain bikers and road cyclists, the high functionality and light weight is a great asset.

    € 129
  2. Turchino Cycling Jersey

    Turchino Cycling Jersey

    This cycling jersey is designed for long and fast rides. The functional fabric with micro-perforation is breathable, allowing heat and moisture to escape with ease as you conquer the mountains.

    € 119
  3. Lumino Top

    Lumino Top

    This functional athletic shirt is highly breathable and has a loose fit for a light and breezy feel. The extra soft and elastic fabric guarantees full flexibility.

    € 64
  4. Bellavista T-Shirt

    Bellavista T-Shirt

    This ultra-thin athletic shirt combines excellent breathability with fast drying time and is sure to meet your comfort needs in the mountains. Micro-perforations allow moisture and heat to escape quickly.

    € 94
  5. Leventino Top

    Leventino Top

    This sleeveless top is your ideal companion for training on hot days. Whether you're on the track, treadmill or trail, you'll always perform at your best thanks to its lightweight cut and breathable fabric.

    € 69
  6. Plazera Polo Shirt

    Plazera Polo Shirt

    This polo shirt is the ideal companion for exercise, before and after competitions, at the office or in your free time. No matter what the occasion, you are always ideally equipped thanks to its highly functional material.

    € 99
  7. Infinito Villach T-Shirt

    Infinito Villach T-Shirt

    This T-shirt is an absolute all-rounder. Thanks to its sophisticated drirelease® material, it feels like cotton but performs like functional fibre. This makes it perfect for exercise and leisure.

    € 54
  8. Melogno Shirt

    Melogno Shirt

    This long athletic shirt is designed for fast downhill runs on the bike. The soft functional material quickly releases moisture and heat to keep you dry while biking.

    € 74
  9. Infinito Portofino Shirt

    Infinito Portofino Shirt

    This shirt not only looks great, it also has a lot to offer: Its highly breathable fabric is extra elastic and quick-drying, making it equally suitable for the office and recreation.

    € 139
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. Infinito Antelao T-Shirt

    Infinito Antelao T-Shirt

    This T-shirt shows what your heart beats for. The sophisticated functional material made of cotton and synthetic fibre comes in an exciting vintage style and features a mountain design on the chest.

    € 69
  12. Infinito Engelberg T-Shirt

    Infinito Engelberg T-Shirt

    This T-shirt shows what your heart beats for. The sophisticated functional material made of cotton and synthetic fibre comes in a vintage style and features a bike design on the chest.

    € 69
  13. Infinito Klagenfurt  T-Shirt

    Infinito Klagenfurt T-Shirt

    This t-shirt shows what your heart beats for. The sophisticated functional material made of cotton and synthetic fibre comes in a vintage style and features a triathlon design on the chest.

    € 69
  14. Manarola T-Shirt

    Manarola T-Shirt

    This elastic T-shirt combines light weight with breathability. It dries quickly and inhibits odours and bacteria. It keeps you fresh and dry when exercising.

    € 59
  15. Pura T-Shirt

    Pura T-Shirt

    This T-shirt combines light weight and breathability in a soft functional fabric. The extremely functional and elastic material keeps you dry while exercising or in your free time.

    € 59
  16. Fondo T-Shirt

    Fondo T-Shirt

    This T-shirt is perfect for high-intensity workouts. Thanks to its lightweight and highly breathable functional material, it is great for those who like to work out hard and push themselves to the limit even in hot temperatures.

    € 59
  17. Campello T-Shirt

    Campello T-Shirt

    This T-shirt impresses with the proven functionality of the Skinfit Nexten functional fabric. Thanks to its special fabric structure, it dries extra quickly and has an odour-inhibiting effect thanks to its bacteriostatic properties.

    € 64
  18. Fondo Shirt

    Fondo Shirt

    This long sports shirt stands for proven functionality. Its high breathability ensures the absence of heat and moisture, which keeps you dry when training or racing.

    € 79
  19. Campello Shirt

    Campello Shirt

    This breathable athletic shirt gives heat no chance and eradicates moisture and bacteria. It keeps you satisfied while enduring extremes. The comfortable feel is easy to get used to.

    € 89
  20. Mathon Shirt

    Mathon Shirt NEW

    More than hot air. This shirt is sure to impress with exceptional breathability and pleasant warmth. The functional fabric wicks sweat away from the body even at high intensity. This multisport shirt can be combined with further layers to suit the temperature and intensity.

    € 124