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  1. Monte Rosa Pants

    Monte Rosa Pants

    These pants are a true all-rounder on the mountain. The outside protects against wind, while the inside efficiently transports moisture to the outside. Robust inserts in the knee and lower leg area offer maximum safety.

    € 239
  2. Palüd Tights

    Palüd Tights

    The tights guarantee high flexibility and a perfect fit. The inside is breathable, while the outside protects from water and dirt. They are perfect for mountain adventures, trail running or cross-country skiing.

    € 209
  3. Madrisa Pants

    Madrisa Pants NEW

    For mountain lovers and adventurers. These trousers combine everything you could need on a mountain: while the especially robust outer fabric offers maximum protection, the inside ensures optimal moisture wicking. Ideal for hiking, climbing or trips.

    € 214
  4. Schesaplana Pants

    Schesaplana Pants

    Robust multi-talent. These breathable trousers combine maximum function with the best possible comfort. While the especially robust outer fabric offers maximum protection, the inside ensures optimal moisture wicking. Ideal for hiking, climbing, ski mountaineering and high mountain tours.

    € 289
  5. Matterhorn 3/4 Pants

    Matterhorn 3/4 Pants

    These ¾ pants keep your skin dry and your body temperature constant. Thanks to their ergonomic knee parts and elastic fabric, they are ideal for hiking, climbing or mountain biking.

    € 154
  6. Gastein Pants

    Gastein Pants

    These pants make the perfect pre-race outfit. The inner material regulates temperature and moisture, while the outside material is water- and dirt-repellent.

    € 144
  7. Vita Pants

    Vita Pants

    These lightweight pants are wind-protective and quick-drying. The outside repels water while the breathable material transports heat to the outside. The soft fabric keeps you warm and dry.

    € 136
  8. Valluga Pants

    Valluga Pants

    These ergonomic pants offer high wind and water protection. The lightly structured and breathable inside provides perfect temperature regulation for climbing, cross-country skiing and especially ski touring.

    € 199
  9. Beverin Pants

    Beverin Pants NEW

    Earn your turns. These pants make every ski tourer's heart beat faster. The robust performance fabric offers excellent protection, whilst simultaneously allowing excess body heat to escape quickly thanks to the high level of breathability, even during strenuous ascents. Zips for ventilation, robust seam protection and integrated gaiters make the VENTO Beverin Pants the ideal companion on tour.

    € 299
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. Rofan Pants

    Rofan Pants NEW

    For the Alpinist. The light yet robust VENTO Rofan Pants provide reliable protection from the wind despite their high breathability. While excess body heat can escape optimally, water and dirt repellent fabric properties offer additional protection in the mountains. The pants can be used for a variety of sports, but are particularly impressive on the mountain when hiking or climbing.

    € 184
  12. Livigno Pants

    Livigno Pants

    These pants protect against wind and light drizzle. Breathability, protection and flexibility are perfectly combined. The cosy fleece on the inside provides pleasant heat retention for summer and winter sports in the mountains.

    € 249
  13. Wagrain Pants

    Wagrain Pants

    These pants offer protection and comfort in the mountains. Thanks to its membrane, the robust and elastic outside material provides excellent protection from the wind. It is also water- and dirt-repellent. On the inside, the fleece keeps you warm.

    € 299
  14. Valluga Pants

    Valluga Pants

    These ergonomic pants merge lightness and functionality. They protect against wind and moisture, and offer ideal moisture management through maximum breathability. The reflective prints increase visibility.

    € 229
  15. Rofan Zip Off Pants

    Rofan Zip Off Pants

    These lightweight zip-off pants offer wind protection and breathability for ideal temperature control. The material is water-and dirt-repellent and the zips on the thigh quickly turn them into shorts.

    € 214
  16. Sesvenna Pants

    Sesvenna Pants NEW

    Always on the mountain. These pants combine maximum protection with excellent comfort. The breathable high-performance fabric impresses with perfect climate and moisture management. A sturdy seam protection offers additional security, while a wind flap with zip allows them to be combined with different footwear. The VENTO Sesvenna Pants are ideal for use on the mountain or on ski tours.

    € 274
  17. Kanisfluh Shorts

    Kanisfluh Shorts

    These shorts can be used for any summer or winter sports. Their robust and elastic functional material is highly breathable, repels dirt and water, and reliably protects against wind.

    € 129
  18. Dachstein Pants

    Dachstein Pants NEW

    Alpine endurance. These pants impress with their sophisticated details and maximum functionality. The performance fabric guarantees high breathability and protection from wind and light rain. The 2-way zips on the sides allow excellent ventilation, while many other extras increase comfort. The VENTO Dachstein Pants are ideal on the mountain, on ski tours or for cross-country skiing.

    € 274
  19. Cristallo Pants

    Cristallo Pants

    These functional and ultra-light insulation pants contain integrated PrimaLoft® Gold insulation to keep you warm. When ski touring, they can be worn not only on the descent but also on the ascent.

    € 244
  20. Valcanova Shorts

    Valcanova Shorts

    These overpants are an absolute must-have for all those who want an extra layer of warmth. They can easily be worn under hardshell trousers or over ski touring trousers and are guaranteed to keep you warm.

    € 164