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  1. #09044-schwarz-one size

    Garda Handlebar Bag NEW

    This handlebar bag attaches quickly and easily to any bicycle handlebar. It offers safe and practical storage space for everything you need to have at hand quickly during a bike ride. This bag guarantees perfect storage space on the go.

    € 45
  2. #09516-schwarz-one size

    Lanzarote Racebelt

    This bib strap allows for simple and secure fixation of the bib number. Thanks to easy width adjustment, it ensures perfect hold while racing and is hardly noticeable thanks to its elasticity.

    € 10
  3. #09015-schwarz-800 ml

    Duran Tool Box

    This toolbox can be easily transported in a bicycle bottle cage. It offers space for everything that should not be missing on a bike tour and needs to be protected from water or dirt.

    € 12
  4. #09536-schwarz-one size

    St. Pölten Chip Band

    This skin-friendly neoprene strap secures your timing chip while racing. Thanks to the simple width adjustment, it is virtually imperceptible even when you're in motion.

    € 6
  5. #09013-rot-no size

    Valsorey Dento Fresh

    This set, which contains a mini travel toothbrush and herbal toothpaste, can be taken anywhere thanks to its small packing size. For example, it perfectly fits into a backpack on a multi-day hike or in the saddle bag when bikepacking.

    € 5
  6. #09589-schwarz-one size

    Carona Bottle Belt

    This water belt not only keeps you hydrated during your run with its clever bottle holder, it also offers practical storage space for small items or even a thin wind jacket.

    € 50
  7. #09040-schwarz-one size

    Arco Flex Bag

    This small bag is extremely versatile. Its clever design compresses the contents to the smallest possible pack size and it can be stored or fitted in various ways.

    € 30
  8. #09593-schwarz-L/XL

    Vienna Running Belt

    This tight-fitting running belt can be used to store personal items while running. There are compartments on both the front and back for storing food or keys.

    € 45
  9. #09048-blau-300 ml

    Val di Tovo Soft Flask 300 ml

    With this lightweight soft flask and its 300 ml capacity, you'll always be supplied with important fluids or your energy gels on the go, because it fits in all common trail backpacks and running waistcoats.

    € 15
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #09021-schwarz-no size

    Brenta Multi Strap

    This little strap belt does small wonders. It can be used to fasten, repair, tie together or rebuild things and should not be missing from any backpack.

    € 6
  12. #09051-schwarz-one size

    Revelstoke Ski Goggle

    With these ski goggles, you are ideally equipped for all weather and vision conditions. Thanks to the magnetic interchangeable lens system and special anti-fog technology, you will always be able to see sharp.

    € 130