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  1. Bimbi Kanisfluh Shorts

    Bimbi Kanisfluh Shorts

    These shorts for children are endlessly versatile. In winter, the shorts are worn as windproof overpants. In summer, the side zips serve as an additional outlet to keep the body cool when exercising in the outdoors.

    € 74
  2. Bimbi Bernina Jacket

    Bimbi Bernina Jacket

    This jacket for kids is protective, breathable and comfortable for great mountain adventures. Whether in summer at the mountain lake, in autumn at the playground or in winter in the snow, this jacket keeps the body temperature at an ideal level.

    € 99
  3. Soft Bimbi Stratos Shirt

    Soft Bimbi Stratos Shirt

    This underwear long-sleeve shirt for children is exceptionally soft and warming.

    € 39
  4. Bimbi Alpila Pants

    Bimbi Alpila Pants

    These functional pants for kids protect against wind and weather. The soft and stretchy functional fabric and the pre-shaped knee areas offer maximum flexibility, while the printed safety reflector ensures visibility.

    € 89
  5. Soft Bimbi Stratos Tights

    Soft Bimbi Stratos Tights

    These functional underwear tights for children are exceptionally soft and warming. 

    € 39
  6. Pro Bimbi T-Shirt

    Pro Bimbi T-Shirt

    This functional underwear T-shirt for children offers insulation and cooling at the same time. The body's temperature is always kept at a comfortable level depending on the activity.

    € 34
  7. Bimbi Kanisfluh Shorts

    Bimbi Kanisfluh Shorts

    These durable shorts for kids are multifunctional and guarantee plenty of fun outdoors. The elastic functional material is breathable, water- and dirt-repellent, and wind-protective.

    € 79
  8. Bimbi Clariden Jacket

    Bimbi Clariden Jacket NEW

    Two in one. The CALDO Bimbi Jacket combines good thermal performance with a practical reversible design. The PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation (100g) padding ensures pleasant heat retention while the water-repellent and dirt-repellent outer offers a good level of protection from wind and light precipitation. An ideal companion for young multisports fans in the colder months.

    € 219
  9. Bimbi Kona Tri Shorts

    Bimbi Kona Tri Shorts

    These triathlon shorts for children are highly versatile. Designed for all three disciplines, they are barely noticeable when running, while the thin and antibacterial padding guarantees comfort in the saddle.

    € 54
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. Pro Plus Bimbi Tights

    Pro Plus Bimbi Tights

    These soft tights for kids are cooling and warming at the same time. The functional underwear offers heat and cold protection in one. This keeps the body at the perfect temperature and increases enjoyment.

    € 44
  12. Bimbi Fondo T-Shirt

    Bimbi Fondo T-Shirt

    This T-shirt for children with proven functionality and breathability provides a soft, dry feeling as well as perfect temperature control for playful explorations and activities.

    € 34
  13. Bimbi Altena Hoodie

    Bimbi Altena Hoodie

    This hoodie for kids with a short zip at the front is highly breathable. Even when exercising, the wind-repellent functional fabric transports moisture to the outside and keeps pleasantly warm.

    € 74
  14. Bimbi Vergalda Tights

    Bimbi Vergalda Tights

    These windproof tights for kids allow heat and moisture to escape quickly, even when working out. Running, exercising and exploring turn into a real highlight.

    € 59
  15. Bimbi Kona Tri Shorts

    Bimbi Kona Tri Shorts

    These triathlon shorts for kids are great companions for training or racing. The soft functional fabric and the antibacterial padding ensure maximum comfort in the saddle and on the legs.

    € 72
  16. Bimbi Montjola Shirt

    Bimbi Montjola Shirt

    This shirt for kids excels with high breathability and an optimal microclimate between the skin and the wind-repellent fabric. To cool down, just open the short zip in the front area.

    € 74
  17. Bimbi Davo Tights

    Bimbi Davo Tights

    These athletic pants for kids with fleece and reflector print keep the skin warm and dry when running in the cold. The breathable functional fabric provides perfect insulation on cold days.

    € 59
  18. Bimbi Davo Tights

    Bimbi Davo Tights

    These arm warmers impress with two clever properties: when dry, they offer pleasant warmth and reliable sun protection, but when wet they keep you cool.

    € 79
  19. Bimbi Tricolore Tri Top

    Bimbi Tricolore Tri Top

    Three colours for little triathletes. This tri top is sure to impress with its special tri-colour design and maximum breathability. Thanks to a close fit, this Bimbi Tri Top is sure to impress in any sport in training as well as competition. Ideal for running and cycling.

    € 19 € 32 -41%
  20. Bimbi Palani Tri Top

    Bimbi Palani Tri Top

    This soft and elastic triathlon top for kids is breathable and dries particularly quickly. Thanks to first-class temperature management, heat is quickly released to the outside. The white back also protects against heat and UV rays.

    € 17 € 32 -47%