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  1. #03036-crysanthem-XS

    Palüd Women's Tights NEW

    These women's tights combine the benefits of robust hiking trousers with the breathable lightness of running and trail-running tights. This advanced combination makes them the perfect choice for fast cross-country runners.

    € 140
  2. #03043-dunkellaguna-XS

    Dachstein Pants

    Whether in winter on a ski tour or in summer as practical pants to pull over - these pants are a real all-rounder and convince with many clever details as well as the highest functionality in every season.

    € 280
  3. #03032-atlantic-XS

    Kanisfluh Shorts

    These shorts can be used for any summer or winter sports. Their robust and elastic functional material is highly breathable, repels dirt and water, and reliably protects against wind.

    € 140
  4. #03027-schwarz-XS

    Valluga Pants

    These ergonomic pants merge lightness and functionality. They protect against wind and moisture, and offer ideal moisture management through maximum breathability. The reflective prints increase visibility.

    € 240
  5. #06049-salvia-XS

    Valbona Shorts

    These short athletic shorts are particularly convincing on the warmest days of the year. Their robust yet ultra-light and airy material is extra comfortable during high-intensity workouts.

    € 120
  6. #06055-dunkellaguna-XS

    Freestyle Shorts

    You can use these shorts in a variety of ways - freestyle, that is. Their robust yet breathable and lightweight functional material guarantees maximum flexibility in a casual look.

    € 140
  7. #04906-schwarz-XS

    Vermunt Pants

    These hardshell trousers protect you against rain, snow and wind thanks to the waterproof and windproof functional fabric. The waterproof full-length zips on the side provide flexible ventilation on the mountain.

    € 350
  8. #04501-schwarz-XS

    Val Müstair Shorts

    These weather-protective bike shorts are a real revolution for road cyclists and mountain bikers. The waterproof material ensures a warm and dry riding experience. Light as a feather, they can be carried in any pocket.

    € 170
  9. #07072-schwarz-S

    Flandern Bib Tights

    These winter cycling shorts impress with great warmth and maximum breathability. The elastic functional material combines a robust and wind-resistant outer layer with an extra soft and cosy inner side.

    € 180
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #07086-oliv-S

    Colombier Bib Shorts

    These cycling pants impress with their sophisticated bib section and first-class comfort. Many clever details, such as the tried-and-tested gel insert, freecut leg cuffs, pockets or reflectors, make these cycling pants a topper.

    € 160
  12. #02543-schwarz-XS

    Falazera Shorts

    These ultra-lightweight shorts impress with their durability. Whether you're hiking, mountain biking, climbing or just out in nature, these shorts can do it all. Side zips allow heat to escape quickly.

    € 130
  13. #07077-oliv-XS

    Colombier Cycling Shorts

    These cycling pants convince with the best function and maximum performance. The heat- and moisture-regulating functional material and the proven Skinfit gel insert offer reliable comfort, even on longer rides.

    € 130
  14. #04904-schwarz-XS

    Val Müstair Pants

    These waterproof and weatherproof cycling shorts with reflector print ensure a dry riding experience even in heavy rain showers. Thanks to elastic inserts and an adapted cut, they guarantee maximum flexibility.

    € 230
  15. #06100-rust-XS

    Carviglia Shorts

    These sports shorts are characterised by their versatility and particularly robust material. Thanks to their casual style, they also convince in everyday life and free time.

    € 160
  16. #02524-atlantic-XS

    Kanisfluh Shorts

    These multisport shorts offer unlimited ways to use. Maximum breathability in summer and high wind resistance in winter turn these shorts into a true all-rounder.

    € 125
  17. #07030-indigo-M

    Multicolore Bib Shorts

    These cycling shorts with wide, elastic straps and gel padding are designed for intense and fast rides. Their high breathability allows heat and moisture to escape quickly for a great riding experience.

    € 140
  18. #02526-dunkellaguna-XS

    Freestyle Shorts

    These shorts are the perfect combination of maximum comfort and proven functionality. While elastic inserts on the inside of the leg provide immense freedom of movement, the robust material offers constant protection.

    € 110
  19. #06022-dunkelblau-XS

    Infinito Samedan Shorts

    These sports shorts are as convincing for training as they are for everyday use and leisure. The highly functional material guarantees the best performance, while the casual jeans look gives a casual look.

    € 135
  20. #07022-schwarz-XS

    Colombier 3/4 Cycling Shorts

    These ¾ cycling shorts impress with the best performance on cooler days. The heat- and moisture-regulating functional material and the tried-and-tested Skinfit gel insert offer optimal comfort even on longer rides.

    € 140
  21. #07001-dunkelrot-XS

    Carviglia Shorts

    These short athletic pants are not only a real eye-catcher, they are also great for exercising. Thanks to their durable material and well thought-out details, they are ideal for flowy mountain bike rides and long hiking trips.

    € 155
  22. #07067-schwarz-XS

    Colombier Women's Cycling Shorts

    These cycling shorts adapt perfectly to the body. Their feminine athletic cut as well as highly functional materials and the proven Skinfit guarantee unforgettable times on the bike.

    € 130
  23. #07093-petrol-S

    Karacho Bib Shorts

    These cycling shorts are designed for long and intense rides. With their thin yet highly functional gel padding as well as their wide and airy straps, they provide excellent comfort on the bike.

    € 140
  24. #02527-dunkellaguna-XXS

    Ragaz Shorts

    These functional shorts are designed for mountain adventures in the summer. While the smooth exterior serves as protection, the structured interior transfers moisture to the outside and keeps the skin dry.

    € 125
  25. #06065-salvia-XXS

    Ragaz Shorts

    These hiking shorts are characterised by their mix of comfort and versatility. The dirt- and water-repellent, but maximally breathable functional material make them an all-rounder for summer mountain adventures.

    € 140
  26. #07038-schwarz-L

    Colombier Cycling Shorts

    These breathable cycling shorts with gel padding always give you a great feeling in the saddle. The wide, elastic waistband and seamless leg cuffs ensure a perfect fit and withstand even the hardest attacks on the bike.

    € 120
  27. #07064-indigo-XS

    Tremalzo Cycling Skirt

    This women's cycling skirt impresses with its high breathability thanks to micro-perforations on the inner pants. The foam padding ensures a soft fit in the saddle. The loose overskirt is like the icing on the cake.

    € 140
  28. #03037-atlantic-3XS

    Bimbi Kanisfluh Shorts

    These durable shorts for kids are multifunctional and guarantee plenty of fun outdoors. The elastic functional material is breathable, water- and dirt-repellent, and wind-protective.

    € 80
  29. #05533-schwarz-XS

    Tremalzo Cycling Shorts

    These cycling shorts combine tight inner shorts with loose outer shorts. Maximum breathability and temperature management keep your skin dry. Even after several hours in the saddle, the shorts remain comfortable thanks to the padding of the inner shorts.

    € 140
  30. #07039-schwarz-M

    Colombier Bib Shorts

    These cycling shorts with gel padding guarantee a comfortable bike ride. The wide, elastic strap is air-permeable and adapts perfectly to the shoulders. The skin always stays dry and perfectly tempered.

    € 160