Pullovers and Hoodies

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  1. #02049-gelb-XS

    Ducan Shirt NEW

    This shirt is designed for the coldest days of the year. Thanks to its refined inner structure, it offers excellent and reliable thermal performance without compromising breathability.

    € 130
  2. #02051-sand-XS

    Ducan Women's Shirt NEW

    This women's shirt offers excellent and reliable thermal performance even on the coldest days of the year, without compromising on breathability, thanks to its advanced inner structure.

    € 130
  3. #03039-grau-XS

    Badile Shirt

    This shirt is made for the coldest and most adverse conditions. The sophisticated functional material not only protects against wind and light rain, but also impresses with excellent heat retention.

    € 170
  4. #02001-orange-XS

    Altena Women's Hoodie

    This lightweight women's hoodie convinces with maximum breathability. The structured inside provides a high level of air trapping in the fabric for a comfortable feeling of warmth.

    € 60 € 100 -40%
  5. #02015-schwarz-S

    Altena Hoodie

    This breathable hoodie guarantees maximum range of motion. The high-cut collar, close-fitting hood, and athletic cut make an excellent combination - even for high intensities.

    € 60 € 100 -40%
  6. #02041-dunkelrot-XS

    Altena Hoodie

    This athletic hoodie impresses with maximum breathability and unique moisture management. The soft, elastic fabric transports moisture quickly and effectively to the outside.

    € 60 € 100 -40%
  7. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.