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  1. #06954-schwarz-XS

    Vergalda 3/4 Skirt Tights

    These 3/4 skirt tights not only look great, they also have a lot to offer: The highly functional inner pants with micro-perforations offer maximum breathability, while the skirt offers the best protection.

    € 150
  2. #06009-schwarz-XS

    Luminoso Skirt

    This skirt is the ideal companion when working out in the dark or poor visibility conditions. Its all-over reflective print, which is barely visible in bright light, ensures increased visibility and safety.

    € 125
  3. #07068-rubin-XS

    Garselli Trail Skirt

    This trail skirt convinces with its well thought-out design. A soft elastic waistband connects the soft and breathable inner pants with the wind- and dirt-repellent outer skirt.

    € 120
  4. #06024-schwarz-XS

    Limone Skirt

    This athletic skirt is the ideal companion for activities where you can't go without a certain style. It is ideal for wearing over tight shorts or cycling shorts and looks great while biking or hiking.

    € 80
  5. #07450-laguna-XS

    Garselli Trail Skirt

    This women's athletic skirt is a combination of breathable running tights and a windproof skirt. Connected by an elastic waistband, the skirt provides comfort and keeps you cool when trail running or running.

    € 69 € 100 -31%
  6. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.