Lightweight and highly functional equipment for any terrain

The spirit of adventure and the thrill of running lure you away from the asphalt, make you turn off and head off-road onto the varied trails. If not all running is the same, the question of special trail running clothing is self-evident. Are classic running shirts, jackets and trousers also suitable for unpaved terrain, when you're running uphill and downhill on narrow paths?

It is important to us that you are optimally equipped for your trail runs. In our checklist we answer the obvious questions. In other words, we provide you with the most important information about trail running clothing for men and women. This should make it relatively easy for you to choose the right off-road outfit for you.

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  1. #08089-sand-35-38

    Montvernier Socks NEW

    These sports socks with a particularly high shaft guarantee a comfortable and compact fit on the foot. A sophisticated mix of materials ensures a long-lasting dry feeling even during intensive sessions.

    € 20
  2. #08096-schwarz-one size

    Palü Headband NEW

    This headband combines two highly functional Skinfit materials and impresses with first-class performance. It guarantees ideal climate and moisture regulation and offers reliable protection against wind and cold.

    € 35
  3. #08045-schwarz-one size

    Antibes Cap NEW

    This extremely lightweight sports cap is particularly versatile. It protects the head and face from the sun while guaranteeing pleasant temperature and moisture management.

    € 30
  4. #08071-oliv-one size

    Imperia Sunglasses NEW

    These sports sunglasses protect your eyes even on the sunniest days of the year. Thanks to their polarised lenses, they ensure a safe and high-contrast view even on demanding tours.

    € 100
  5. #08092-schwarz-S

    Bregenz Gloves NEW

    These gloves are particularly versatile. No matter whether worn alone or as an inner glove, they will impress with their pleasant wearing comfort and reliable protection.

    € 35
  6. #08087-schwarz-one size

    Antibes Visor NEW

    This lightweight running visor is a must-have for all endurance athletes in the summer. In its thoughtful design, it combines a shady cap with the function of a breathable sweatband.

    € 25
  7. #09048-blau-300 ml

    Val di Tovo Soft Flask 300 ml NEW

    With this lightweight soft flask and its 300 ml capacity, you'll always be supplied with important fluids or your energy gels on the go, because it fits in all common trail backpacks and running waistcoats.

    € 15
  8. #08095-crysanthem-one size

    Tirano Headband NEW

    This headband not only protects you from wind and cold, but the unique KLIMA Pro material on the inside also keeps your head and ears pleasantly warm and dry at all times.

    € 35
  9. #03036-crysanthem-XS

    Palüd Women's Tights NEW

    These women's tights combine the benefits of robust hiking trousers with the breathable lightness of running and trail-running tights. This advanced combination makes them the perfect choice for fast cross-country runners.

    € 140
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #09039-schwarz-15 l

    Boe Backpack NEW

    This backpack combines the advantages of a running vest with those of an alpine backpack. It is the perfect all-rounder for all sports where you want to move fast and value freedom of movement.

    € 130
  12. #02010-schwarz-XXS

    Fuschl Tights

    These tights are a must-have for all winter sports enthusiasts. The soft inner fleece offers constant warmth retention. Partial wind protection and fast moisture transport keep the skin dry.

    € 150
  13. #02024-schwarz-XS

    Marul Tights

    These tights impress with excellent breathability and insulation at the same time. The lightly structured functional material on the inside guarantees fast moisture transport, which keeps the skin dry at all times.

    € 150
  14. #05018-iceblue-XS

    Sella Jacket

    This rain jacket can easily be taken anywhere thanks to its small pack size and low weight. Its 2.5-layer hardshell functional material protects you from unexpected rain and wind.

    € 260
  15. #06908-schwarz-S

    Vergalda Tights

    These sports tights are the absolute all-rounders for every endurance athlete. They impress with their extra breathable functional material and guarantee temperature-controlled workouts.

    € 100
  16. #02033-dunkelgelb-S

    Campello Shirt

    Perform with style. This shirt delivers the highest performance with style. The light and breathable AERO Skinlife Nexten fabric not only prevents the formation of unpleasant odours, but also guarantees excellent climate and moisture management. The AERO Campello Shirt is ideal for multi-sport use where you don't want to compromise.

    € 100
  17. #02037-dunkellaguna-XS

    Fondo Shirt

    This shirt combines maximum breathability with perfect moisture regulation. At the same time, the light and soft fabric construction guarantees a particularly pleasant wearing comfort.

    € 80
  18. #02026-oliv-XS

    Marolla Women's Tights

    Running motivation. These stylish ladies' tights with their wide, soft waistband ensure the perfect fit. The wind-resistant performance fabric guarantees maximum breathability and optimal moisture transfer. Reflective print increases safety, while two side mesh pockets offer plenty of storage space. The AERO Marolla Women's Tights are ideal for running and trail running.

    € 130
  19. #06355-grün-M

    Campello Women‘s Shirt

    This long women's sports shirt is breathable and lightweight, while bacteria, odours and sweat are kept away. The soft functional material and loose fit offer maximum comfort.

    € 90
  20. #02034-dunkelgelb-XS

    Campello Women's Shirt

    Stylish performance. This women's shirt wins, with not only the highest performance but also style. The light and breathable AERO Skinlife Nexten fabric not only prevents the formation of unpleasant odours, but also guarantees excellent climate and moisture management. The AERO Campello Women's Shirt is ideal for multi-sport use without compromising.

    € 100
  21. #09409-indigo-35-38

    Pavillo Socks

    These sports socks belong in every wardrobe. They are absolutely versatile and offer the best wearing comfort for any sports session thanks to the reinforced toweling section and ankle-high shaft.

    € 20
  22. #08048-pistacchio-35-38

    Padaun Socks

    These sports socks guarantee a comfortable and compact fit on your feet thanks to their different knitting structures. A sophisticated mix of materials keeps your feet dry even during intense workouts.

    € 20
  23. #06302-laguna-M

    Fondo Shirt

    This long sports shirt stands for proven functionality. Its high breathability ensures the absence of heat and moisture, which keeps you dry when training or racing.

    € 80
  24. #05454-dunkelrot-S

    Kailua Bra Top

    This bra top belongs in every athlete's wardrobe. It not only convinces with its comfortable support and a sophisticated mix of materials, but it can also be worn in combination with other layers or alone as a top.

    € 55
  25. #08061-schwarz-35-38

    Tortona Socks

    These breathable sports socks with an ankle-high upper can be used for a variety of sports and keep your feet dry. The reinforced terry area at the heel and toes provide firm support.

    € 16
  26. #02021-indigo-S

    Salzburg T-Shirt

    This T-shirt combines functionality with high-quality design. The excellent breathability leads to a constant temperature adjustment that keeps the skin dry. The shirt serves as a base, mid or shell layer.

    € 44 € 60 -27%
  27. #09516-schwarz-one size

    Lanzarote Racebelt

    This bib strap allows for simple and secure fixation of the bib number. Thanks to easy width adjustment, it ensures perfect hold while racing and is hardly noticeable thanks to its elasticity.

    € 10
  28. #09413-schwarz-35-38

    Fiore Socks

    These sports socks belong in every wardrobe. The terrycloth on the heels and toes, as well as the ankle-high upper, ensure a comfortable fit while wearing them.

    € 16
  29. #08036-rot-35-38

    Gavia Socks

    These sports socks are perfect for both exercise and everyday life. Thanks to their breathable functional material and knitted structures, they guarantee maximum comfort.

    € 20
  30. #02031-dunkelgelb-S

    Campello T-Shirt

    This T-shirt caters to athletes who value style and maximum functionality. The custom-made functional material is essential in preventing the development of bacteria and odours.

    € 80