Valsorey Dento Fresh

This set, which contains a mini travel toothbrush and herbal toothpaste, can be taken anywhere thanks to its small packing size. For example, it perfectly fits into a backpack on a multi-day hike or in the saddle bag when bikepacking.
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This toiletory set is great for traveling with minimum baggage.

Space-saving and convenient

Stay fresh. The Valsorey Dento Fresh toothbrush set is so small that it can easily be taken anywhere. A mini toothbrush and herbal toothpaste can be stored in two small compartments. Whether in your hiking rucksack on your multi-day hike, in your saddle bag when bike packing or simply in your everyday bag - with Valsorey Dento Fresh you always have your small and hygienic toothbrush set with you.


  • smallest packed (8x5cm)
  • two small chambers
  • small toothbrush
  • 9,3 ml herbal toothpaste
  • fits in every pocket
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