Jackets and Vests for Women

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  1. #04004-crysanthem-XS

    Clariden Women‘s Jacket NEW

    Two are better than one. The CALDO Clariden Women’s Jacket combines good thermal performance with a stylish reversible design. The PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation (100 g) padding ensures pleasant heat retention while the water-repellent and dirt-repellent outer offers a good level of protection from wind and light precipitation. Ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to decide on one look.

    € 330
  2. #03045-lilac-XS

    Valle Maira Women's Jacket NEW

    This jacket offers everything you need for active use on cold winter days. The outer breathable functional fabric repels wind and water, while the soft inside provides comfortable warmth.

    € 230
  3. #03605-taupe-XS

    Marmolada Vest NEW

    This bodywarmer offers maximum warmth and comfort. PrimaLoft® Gold 100g filling ensures the best insulation, while breathable stretch inserts on the sides regulate body temperature.

    € 220
  4. #05020-dunkelorange-XS

    Cevedale Jacket NEW

    This 3-layer hardshell jacket knows no bad weather: despite its lightness, it offers wide-ranging protection even for your toughest mountain challenges, without compromising on robustness.

    € 400
  5. #03055-oliv-XS

    Monte Rosa Vest NEW

    This bodywarmer is an absolute all-rounder for multi-purpose use in the mountains. Thanks to its particularly robust functional material and advanced temperature regulation, it offers reliable protection in summer and winter.

    € 140
  6. #03060-oliv-XS

    Cimiano Women's Jacket NEW

    This highly functional sports jacket for women is also an eye-catcher in your free time thanks to its sporty-casual look. Despite its robustness, it is particularly breathable and offers excellent comfort.

    € 160
  7. #04021-sand-XS

    Adamello Women's Jacket NEW

    This multi-purpose women's insulated jacket offers an optimal warmth-to-weight ratio. Thanks to the huge size of the certified RDS duck down lining, it is guaranteed to keep you warm even on the coldest days of the year.

    € 350
  8. #06119-schwarz-XS

    Infinito Winterhude Women's Jacket NEW

    This sports jacket for women impresses with its unique combination of high functional performance and casual, urban style. Thanks to its robust and heat-regulating properties, it can handle any adventure

    € 230
  9. #04012-schwarz-M

    Infinito Oslo Women's Coat

    This coat impresses with a stylish turnaround feature and well-thought-out materials. The wind- and waterproof functional material and Primaloft® Gold Cross Core Insulation (133g) offer perfect protection on cold days.

    € 400
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #03661-crysanthem-XS

    Valbella Women‘s Vest

    A touch warmer. This comfortable gilet offers pleasant heat insulation (G-Loft® SI padding, 100 g) and lets excess body heat escape through the integrated stretch inserts at the sides. Depending on the weather, this body warmer can be worn as a mid-layer or shell-layer for ski mountaineering, hiking or everyday wear.

    € 220
  12. #04005-crysanthem-XS

    Valcanova Women's Jacket

    This jacket is a hybrid between a versatile sports jacket and a warming insulation jacket. A PrimaLoft® Gold padding on the front provides pleasant warmth, while the material on the back guarantees optimal breathability.

    € 290
  13. #04603-orange-L

    Val Müstair Jacket

    This rain jacket is perfect for any kind of activity. In addition to the waterproof fabric, the extra breathable mesh has been incorporated underneath the arms.

    € 245
  14. #05013-salvia-S

    Andermatt Jacket

    This jacket is made for the coldest days of the year. Its Primaloft® Gold Cross Core Insulation (133g) is guaranteed to keep the body warm and the waterproof functional material protects against any rainfall.

    € 500
  15. #05018-iceblue-XXS

    Sella Jacket

    This rain jacket can easily be taken anywhere thanks to its small pack size and low weight. Its 2.5-layer hardshell functional material protects you from unexpected rain and wind.

    € 260
  16. #04014-iceblue-XS

    Valcanova Vest

    This bodywarmer combines heat retention with the best heat regulation. At the front, a Primaloft® Gold Insulation lining ensures pleasant warmth, while the thinner material at the back guarantees optimal breathability.

    € 170
  17. #04002-rubin-XS

    Monviso Women's Jacket

    For frosty occasions. This women’s jacket combines excellent heat insulation with maximum protection. Thanks to the PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation (133g) padding, it ensures comfortable heat retention. Waterproof and windproof outer material offers protection from cold and precipitation. This SCUDO Monviso Women’s Jacket is ideal for Alpine tours, long days on the slopes as well as everyday wear.

    € 390
  18. #03020-atlantic-XS

    Faludriga Jacket

    This lightweight jacket with hood protects against wind, even in fickle weather. It ensures perfect moisture and temperature balance and at the same time, it promises freedom of movement and a soft feel.

    € 180
  19. #03012-gelb-XS

    Vita Jacket

    This breathable jacket protects perfectly against wind. Reflective prints on the front and back ensure improved visibility. The jacket can easily be stored in its own back pocket.

    € 150
  20. #02004-atlantic-XS

    Calanda Jacket

    Universal genius. This jacket impresses with excellent breathability combined with pleasant heat retention. The functional material with textured fleece inside quickly wicks moisture away from the body, ensuring comfortable insulation at the same time. The AERO Calanda Jacket can be used for any sport, all year round.

    € 200
  21. #03054-atlantic-XS

    Cimiano Jacket

    This jacket is not only highly functional, thanks to its sporty-casual look, but also cuts a good figure in leisure time. The particularly breathable functional material ensures excellent wearing comfort.

    € 160
  22. #04009-mistyrose-XS

    Infinito Suretta Women's Jacket

    Athleisure specialist. This women's reversible jacket combines maximum warmth with two casual looks. The wind and waterproof outer shells offer protection in windy conditions or light rain. The PrimaLoft® Gold padding (133 g) ensures comfortable heat retention. The CALDO Infinito Suretta Women's Jacket is equally suitable for sports and everyday wear.

    € 330
  23. #03023-dunkelblau-XS

    Livigno Jacket

    This durable jacket is the perfect combination of breathability, protection and flexibility. The special doubleface functional material keeps the body at an ideal temperature. It is also wind-, water- and dirt-repellent.

    € 240
  24. #02000-rubin-XS

    Calanda Damen Jacket

    One for all. This jacket impresses with excellent breathability combined with pleasant heat retention. The functional material with textured fleece inside quickly wicks moisture away from the body, ensuring comfortable insulation at the same time. The AERO Calanda Women’s Jacket can be used for any sport, all year round.

    € 200
  25. #03026-crysanthem-XS

    Vita Vest

    This lightweight wind vest protects you from wind and can easily be stowed away to save space. The water-repellent, breathable material ensures ideal regulation of the body temperature. The reflective prints ensure high visibility.

    € 130
  26. #05015-dunkelgelb-XS

    Vermunt Women‘s Jacket

    Rainproof. This women’s raincoat will protect you from the elements: the waterproof and windproof triple-layer functional hardshell fabric offers reliable protection from the weather. Versatile and designed to meet high standards, it’s sure to impress in sporting circles and everyday wear with its elegant colours and fitted cut.

    € 390
  27. #03035-dunkellaguna-XS

    Bernina Women‘s Hooded Jacket

    Universal girl power. The VENTO Bernina Women's Hooded Jacket is distinguished by its mix of breathability, protection and comfort. Its windproof, robust and soft functional material quickly wicks away excess body heat and moisture and also offers maximum freedom of movement. It can be used all year round for multisport activities, but is particularly suitable for use on the mountain and for ski tours.

    € 160
  28. #07071-ocean-XS

    Flandern Cycling Jacket

    This winter cycling jacket with windproof shell and soft interior is guaranteed to keep you warm in the cold season. It also impresses with outstanding breathability and ideal moisture management.

    € 240
  29. #03005-blau-XS

    Buin Jacket

    This hybrid jacket is lined with PrimaLoft Active+ padding in the front and shoulder area and ensures an optimal body climate. The mesh insert on the inside of the back increases comfort and ventilation.

    € 255
  30. #05021-orange-XS

    Val Müstair Jacket

    This rain jacket is specially designed for active use in bad weather conditions. In addition to the waterproof and windproof functional material, a mesh insert on the underside of the arm increases breathability.

    € 290