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  1. #08105-sand-one size

    Davos Scarf NEW

    This storm scarf can be used in many ways. Depending on the variant, it reliably protects the head and neck from wind and cold, and the particularly soft functional material always guarantees the best wearing comfort.

    € 30
  2. #09715-schwarz-one size

    San Salvatore Storm Scarf

    This tube scarf protects the head and neck from the cold and the wind. The elastic functional material allows heat and moisture to escape easily, it dries quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

    € 30
  3. #08028-schwarz-one size

    Melogno Storm Scarf

    This breathable tube scarf allows heat to escape quickly and dries very quickly. Perfect for any sport, it can be worn as a face shield, neck warmer, headband or cap.

    € 24
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    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.