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  1. #08052-crysanthem-one size

    Hamburg Beanie NEW

    This beanie combines a casual design with uncompromising function. Thanks to a warming fleece fabric on the entire inside, cold ears don't stand a chance.

    € 40
  2. #08053-crysanthem-one size

    Mornera Headband NEW

    Fluffy ears. This headband is just as warm and casual as it looks. With its stylish knitted pattern on the outside and warming fleece on the inside, it reliably keeps your ears warm. The soft performance fabric hugs the head comfortably, but thanks to its breathability does not allow it to overheat. Ideally suited for everyday sporting activities in the colder seasons.

    € 40
  3. #08066-schwarz-S

    Zugspitz Mittens NEW

    These wind- and waterproof mittens convince with their clever construction: in dry conditions or for optional ventilation, the finger cap can be folded back quickly and easily.

    € 60
  4. #08097-slate-one size

    Aspen Knitted Hat NEW

    This knit beanie is not only guaranteed to keep your head and ears warm, but also offers excellent temperature and moisture regulation thanks to highly functional materials.

    € 40
  5. #08089-sand-35-38

    Montvernier Socks NEW

    These sports socks with a particularly high shaft guarantee a comfortable and compact fit on the foot. A sophisticated mix of materials ensures a long-lasting dry feeling even during intensive sessions.

    € 20
  6. #08077-schwarz-S

    Strahlhorn Gloves NEW

    These waterproof gloves will keep your hands warm even on the coldest days. The combination of highly functional materials and thoughtful details make them the perfect companion for alpine winter.

    € 90
  7. #08071-oliv-one size

    Imperia Sunglasses NEW

    These sports sunglasses protect your eyes even on the sunniest days of the year. Thanks to their polarised lenses, they ensure a safe and high-contrast view even on demanding tours.

    € 100
  8. #09055-iceblue-500 ml

    Lago Maggiore Bottle 500 ml NEW

    This drinking bottle will keep you hydrated in any situation. It can hold up to 0.5 litres of liquid, but is slim enough to take it anywhere.

    € 15
  9. #08105-sand-one size

    Davos Scarf NEW

    This storm scarf can be used in many ways. Depending on the variant, it reliably protects the head and neck from wind and cold, and the particularly soft functional material always guarantees the best wearing comfort.

    € 30
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

  11. #09051-schwarz-one size

    Revelstoke Ski Goggle NEW

    With these ski goggles, you are ideally equipped for all weather and vision conditions. Thanks to the magnetic interchangeable lens system and special anti-fog technology, you will always be able to see sharp.

    € 130
  12. #09017-ocean-20 l

    Scalino Backpack NEW

    This waterproof 20 l backpack impresses with its light weight. Thanks to the padded straps and back panel, it offers excellent comfort on longer tours.

    € 100
  13. #09057-schwarz-9 l

    Lienz Multibag 9 l NEW

    This 9l multibag is the ideal way to organise your sports or travel bag. Besides functional clothes, shoes can also be easily stored and the rest of your bag always stays clean and tidy.

    € 25
  14. #08095-crysanthem-one size

    Tirano Headband NEW

    This headband not only protects you from wind and cold, but the unique KLIMA Pro material on the inside also keeps your head and ears pleasantly warm and dry at all times.

    € 35
  15. #09052-weiss-750 ml

    Nivolet Bottle 750 ml NEW

    This lightweight water bottle with its 750 ml capacity ensures your hydration on the bike. Thanks to its well-designed mouthpiece and soft material, it can be easily operated with one hand.

    € 10
  16. #09048-blau-300 ml

    Val di Tovo Soft Flask 300 ml NEW

    With this lightweight soft flask and its 300 ml capacity, you'll always be supplied with important fluids or your energy gels on the go, because it fits in all common trail backpacks and running waistcoats.

    € 15
  17. #09056-weiss-550 ml

    Nivolet Bottle 550 ml NEW

    This lightweight water bottle with its 550 ml capacity ensures your hydration on the bike. Thanks to its well-designed mouthpiece and soft material, it can be easily operated with one hand.

    € 8
  18. #09043-schwarz-2 l

    Lienz Multibag 2 l NEW

    This 2l Multibag is the ideal way to organise your sports or travel bag. Whether it's sportswear, training equipment or camping accessories - everything stays clean and tidy.

    € 20
  19. #08045-schwarz-one size

    Antibes Cap NEW

    This extremely lightweight sports cap is particularly versatile. It protects the head and face from the sun while guaranteeing pleasant temperature and moisture management.

    € 30
  20. #08087-schwarz-one size

    Antibes Visor NEW

    This lightweight running visor is a must-have for all endurance athletes in the summer. In its thoughtful design, it combines a shady cap with the function of a breathable sweatband.

    € 25
  21. #09039-schwarz-15 l

    Boe Backpack NEW

    This backpack combines the advantages of a running vest with those of an alpine backpack. It is the perfect all-rounder for all sports where you want to move fast and value freedom of movement.

    € 130
  22. #09028-schwarz-38 l

    Eiger Backpack NEW

    This particularly robust alpine backpack has not compromised any technical features despite its light weight. Besides the waterproof and tear-resistant ripstop material, it has everything you need for alpine terrain.

    € 200
  23. #09409-indigo-35-38

    Pavillo Socks

    These sports socks belong in every wardrobe. They are absolutely versatile and offer the best wearing comfort for any sports session thanks to the reinforced toweling section and ankle-high shaft.

    € 20
  24. #08017-blau-one size

    Palü Headband

    Clever and warm. This headband ensures warm ears and a pleasantly dry feeling in cold conditions. The combination of windproof outer fabric and tried and tested KLIMA Pro fabric on the inside allows excess body heat to easily escape. Thanks to its close-fitting design, the Palü Headband can be worn under almost any helmet. Suitable for any sport, it will keep your head warm during training and competition.

    € 35
  25. #08029-schwarz-S

    Grion Gloves

    These sports gloves are thin enough to guarantee an excellent grip and thick enough to keep your fingers warm. They are the ideal choice for exercising in the winter.

    € 60
  26. #09563-schwarz-S

    Bregenz Gloves

    These gloves provide comfortable protection when the days start to get colder. On the coldest days of the year, they are also ideal as inner gloves in combination with mittens.

    € 32
  27. #08065-rubin-35-38

    Planai Socks

    These socks are convincing with their refined material composition, which not only has an antibacterial and odour preventing effect, but also guarantees great comfort in every sho

    € 26
  28. #08031-indigo-35-38

    Matschun Socks

    These high-cut sports socks are the ideal choice for all sports where you wear higher shoes. Thanks to the NanoGlide® technology, blisters don't stand a chance even on long hikes in hiking boots.

    € 24
  29. #08067-crysanthem-one size

    Riffler Hat

    This beanie impresses with the best thermal management, especially in active use. Lined with the proven KLIMA Pro functional material, it always guarantees warm and dry ears.

    € 50
  30. #09557-schwarz-S

    Schröcken Mittens

    These mittens are perfect for winter activities on cold days. The PrimaLoft® Gold insulation provides warmth and protection. The fold-back feature allows for easy handling of items.

    € 60