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    Montvernier Socks NEW

    These sports socks with a particularly high shaft guarantee a comfortable and compact fit on the foot. A sophisticated mix of materials ensures a long-lasting dry feeling even during intensive sessions.

    € 20
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    Pavillo Socks

    These sports socks belong in every wardrobe. They are absolutely versatile and offer the best wearing comfort for any sports session thanks to the reinforced toweling section and ankle-high shaft.

    € 20
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    Padaun Socks

    These sports socks guarantee a comfortable and compact fit on your feet thanks to their different knitting structures. A sophisticated mix of materials keeps your feet dry even during intense workouts.

    € 20
  4. #08036-rot-35-38

    Gavia Socks

    These sports socks are perfect for both exercise and everyday life. Thanks to their breathable functional material and knitted structures, they guarantee maximum comfort.

    € 20
  5. #08061-schwarz-35-38

    Tortona Socks

    These breathable sports socks with an ankle-high upper can be used for a variety of sports and keep your feet dry. The reinforced terry area at the heel and toes provide firm support.

    € 16
  6. #08060-schwarz-35-38

    Karacho Socks

    These socks don't just look great on the bike, thanks to reinforced terry cloth at the heel and toe area and cleverly positioned instep protection, they can be used in many different ways.

    € 20
  7. #09414-schwarz-35-38

    Marbach Socks

    These sports socks ensure a pleasant foot climate under every shoe in everyday activities. Thanks to the soft and thin fabric, they feel comfortably light even when it's hot and during intense workouts.

    € 12
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    Campolongo Socks

    These breathable sports socks with a reinforced terry area at the ball of the foot ensure a comfortable fit. With the statement on the back of the shaft, you can show your colleagues what's what.

    € 20
  9. #08011-schwarz-35-38

    Rauris Socks

    These sports socks with terry inserts at the front of the foot, adapt perfectly to the foot thanks to the embroidery structures. They regulate the exchange of warmth and moisture and keep your feet dry while exercising.

    € 20
  10. waben

    37 °



    Body temperature 37°C - that is exactly our mission. In order to be perfectly equipped as an athlete at all times, our Skinfit Modulario System is designed to be as flexible as possible.

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    Planai Socks

    These socks are convincing with their refined material composition, which not only has an antibacterial and odour preventing effect, but also guarantees great comfort in every sho

    € 26
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    Matschun Socks

    These high-cut sports socks are the ideal choice for all sports where you wear higher shoes. Thanks to the NanoGlide® technology, blisters don't stand a chance even on long hikes in hiking boots.

    € 24
  13. #08032-schwarz-35-38

    Planai Socks

    These ski socks not only guarantee a comfortable, wrinkle-free fit, but their brilliant material mix of functional fibre and copper also keeps your feet dry and odour-free for a long time.

    € 26